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Rosemary Chicken Panini

Rosemary Chicken Panini - quick, easy, delicious -

Fresh rosemary and feta cheese give this chicken panini a Mediterranean flair.

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All About Mint

All About Mint - beautiful, fragrant, edible -

Take a minute and “refresh” yourself on one of the easiest-to-grow herbs – the mint plant! We cover all the basics of growing and harvesting mint and we’ll introduce you to 28 different varieties of mint. You’ll want to try them all!

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Get to Know Leafy Salad Greens

Get to Know Leafy Salad Greens - great options to toss up a traditional lettuce salad –

The days when iceberg lettuce set the standard for a leaf salad are long gone. Get in on the latest salad trends with these 16 leafy options that will bring fresh color, flavor, textures, and added nutrients to your next salad.

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Simple Fruit Salsa

Simple Fruit Salsa - made with ingredients from your garden -

Heat and ice. Tart and sweet. This quick fruit salsa brings everything we love about spring, summer and the garden straight to your table.

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Plant a Stir-fry Garden

Plant a Stir-fry Garden - try a square foot, raised bed -

Use the square-foot method to simplify gardening and harvest loads of vegetables for homemade stir-fries.

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Succession Planting for Vegetables

Succession Planting for Vegetables - harvest more vegetables than ever before -

Is it possible to get lettuce and other vegetables all through summer? Yes, if you follow these steps for succession planting. See which vegetables can be used for succession planting to give you fresh vegetables for your summer recipes.

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Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs - a simple recipe for making these buffet staples -

Bring along these homemade deviled eggs, and you’re sure to be the star of your next potluck or picnic. Our recipe is quick, simple and gives you an opportunity to showcase herbs snipped fresh from your garden.

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Vegetable Garden Basics - Start a Small Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Basics - Start a Small Vegetable Garden - 4 simple tips & 4 simple layouts -

Even if you've never gardened before, you can grow your own vegetables with little investment of time or money. Let us show you how to plant a 4’ x 4’ area from scratch.

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Hardening Off Plants and Seedlings

Hardening Off Plants and Seedlings - helping plants adjust to a move outdoors -

Moving plants and seedlings directly outdoors in the spring can be a shock to their systems, even to the point of causing damage or death. “Hardening off” is the safe way to introduce plants to the outdoors. Follow these simple steps to introduce your plants to spring safely.

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Microgreen Toast

Microgreen Toast - avocado toast, look out -

Microgreen toast is set to be this year's next big thing. Are you growing your own microgreens, those first shoots of lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, radish, onion, herb and more? If so, we're sure you already know to use them in salads and smoothies. But how about microgreen toast, a delicious sandwich or elegant appetizer, a great way to eat more of these super-greens.

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