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Tabbouleh - a simple Mediterranean salad -

Our recipe for tabbouleh couldn't be easier and most of the ingredients can come straight out of your garden.

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The Garbage Garden

The Garbage Garden - a fun alternative to composting vegetables -

Get more out of your vegetable purchases. You can create a garden from the vegetable scraps that might otherwise go in the compost pile or get tossed into the garbage.

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How to Make and Enjoy Shrub

How to Make and Enjoy Shrub - perfect for a mixer or mocktail base -

Learn how to make your own shrub--a colonial-era, refreshing and oh-so-trendy drink mixer. All it takes is vinegar, sugar and your own fresh produce.

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How to Roast or Grill Garden-Fresh Vegetables

How to Roast or Grill Garden-Fresh Vegetables - easy, quick & healthy preps -

Nothing beats home-cooked fresh produce, and the most delicious--and simplest--way to prepare vegetables is roasting or grilling. These tips will guide you to perfect roasted or grilled vegetable dishes, every time.

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Get to Know Peppers From Sweet to Hot

Get to Know Peppers From Sweet to Hot - a guide to the many different types of peppers -

Peppers are one of the easiest vegetables you can grow, but with 50,000-plus cultivars in the pepper family, what sort of variety should you buy? Get to know more about the different categories of peppers.

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Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Greek Tzatziki Sauce - pairs perfectly with gyros, veggies or pita chips -

Tzatziki couldn't be easier to make and can be used as a dip, a sauce, or even a stand-alone side dish. Home-grown cucumbers make this Greek favorite even more delicious.

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Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto - an Italian staple from fresh basil -

Four simple ingredients and ten minutes and you'll have delicious pesto ready for pizza, pasta or dipping.

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Plant a Tea Garden

Plant a Tea Garden - snip & sip from your own herbs -

These common, easy-to-grow herbs combine into herbal teas perfect to treat your friends or yourself.

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Choosing Container Garden Herbs

Choosing Container Garden Herbs - grow herbs in a small space -

Potted herbs are an easy way to liven up a home-cooked meal without committing to the effort of a full-blown vegetable garden. Besides their culinary qualities, most herbs also lend style to container gardens.

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How to Grow Spaghetti Squash

How to Grow Spaghetti Squash - plant in spring for a fall harvest -

Spaghetti squash is a low-maintenance vegetable that even a beginner can grow successfully. This article explains how.

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