Use Your Summer Harvest: Fresh Tomatoes 5 Ways

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July 6, 2017
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One of the greatest joys of summer is fresh tomatoes. Home-grown tomatoes taste so much better than anything you buy in the typical grocery stores. They’re heartier and juicier and have a much better texture as well. If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of tomatoes in your garden, or have a friend who brings you tomatoes by the bucket full, then you might be looking for new ways to enjoy your bounty. Here is a list of yummy things you can do with all those tomatoes.

1. Fresh

Slice them up and eat them fresh. This one is a no-brainer. You can either peel them or leave the peels intact, whatever suits you. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on them and you’ve got a quick and easy side dish. Some people also like to cut fresh white or yellow onion and add it to the dish of tomatoes. It adds a little extra flavor, but either way is excellent. This is also a great side dish to bring to a cookout or barbecue. Plus, you can just grab a slice of tomato with the onion and add it straight to your burger or sandwich.

2. Sauce

Make fresh pasta sauce. To do this, you will need to wash and core the tomatoes. Most people prefer to remove the skins as well. Then simply run the tomatoes through a blender or food processor to form a pulp. You can choose the consistency of your sauce by how finely you process the tomatoes. Some people prefer a smooth consistency while others like a chunky sauce. Add whatever spices you like and any other veggies you might want to include, such as onions or mushrooms. You can be as creative as you want. Then let your sauce simmer on the stove until it thickens up. Serve it over pasta or use it as a pizza sauce.

3. Salsa

Try making your own fresh salsa. Who needs store bought salsa? Wash and core your tomatoes and remove the skins. Next, dice the tomatoes and add the other ingredients to make our Fresh Salsa Mexicana recipe. The flavors will blend together to create a delicious homemade salsa.

4. Juice

Juice those tomatoes. Drinking tomato juice is a healthy way to stay hydrated. Simply put your cored and peeled tomatoes in a blender with a bit of water if desired. Add salt, pepper, or any spices you like to suit your taste. You can also add in any other veggies and make it an all-out vegetable juice. You can use the juice as a base for soup or to add moisture to cooked meats. Add a little hot sauce and some vodka to the juice and you’ve got yourself a Bloody Mary.

5. Canned or Frozen

If you have more tomatoes than you can use before they spoil, consider canning or freezing them. You will need to wash and core the tomatoes before you do either method of preservation. If you don’t have the time to preserve them, you can always give them away. There aren’t many people who would turn down fresh tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes are one of the great treasures of summer. Their versatility is unmatched. If you’re looking for new ways to use your tomatoes, try some of these ideas!

Homemade Tomato Sauce in Casserole Dish


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