Growing Herbs and Vegetables for Pets
- it’s fun and easy to grow containers of foods your pet will love -

Posted on May 1, 2017

Growing Herbs and Vegetables for Pets

Most house pets can enjoy a range of fresh foods as part of their overall diets. Many of the herbs and vegetables among these foods are quite easy to grow in containers. Below are some top choices suitable for treating your favorite animal companions and filling out a sunny container-scape.

Growing Tips

  1. Plant your selections in a good quality potting soil and place them where they can receive at least 6 hours of sun and be easily watered.
  2. Those preferring cooler weather, such as spinach and leaf lettuce, should be out of the afternoon sun during warmer months.
  3. Regular picking of the green beans and snipping of herbs and greens will keep the plants producing and your pals in steady supply.

Note: Cats…those self-sufficient wonders, can be allowed to nibble catnip and cat grass directly from the growing container.

Getting Started: Which Animals Like What


Rabbits love BASIL

CatnipCat Grass



Reptiles love CILANTRO

Green Beans

Birds, Dogs & Reptiles love GREEN BEANS

KaleRomaine Lettuce

Birds & Reptiles love KALE & ROMAINE LETTUCE

Leaf LettuceMintParsley

Dogs & Rabbits love LEAF LETTUCE, MINT & PARSLEY


Birds, Dogs & Rabbits love SPINACH

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