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Calibrachoa Conga™ (Calibrachoa Hybrid)

A continuous line of bright blooms cover these neat and tidy trailing plants. A tender perennial most commonly grown as an annual. Easy care and heat tolerant. Many botanical authorities consider Calibrachoa to belong to the genus petunia.

Calitunia® (X Petchoa)

A cross between a Calibrachoa and Petunia. This breeding breakthrough combines reliable garden performance with a prolific display of small, charming Calibrachoa-like blooms.

Campion, Catchfly

Campion, Catchfly (Silene species)

Charming five-petaled flowers sparkle like little stars in the landscape. A cheerful display for rock gardens, border fronts or naturalized in wild spaces. Silene tolerate challenging conditions such as poor soil, heat and drought. A great plant for the beginning gardener, or anyone…

Cane Cholla, Tree Cholla Cactus Outdoors

Cane Cholla, Tree Cholla Cactus Outdoors (Cylindropuntia imbricate)

A common sight in the deserts of the Southwest, particularly Arizona, this cactus has thorny branches resembling cane or rope, which have spawned some of its common names: cane cholla, chain link cactus, devil's rope cactus, walking stick cactus. Violet flowers appear in the spring…

Cape Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis)

Cape honeysuckle provides a welcome burst of color to the late season landscape. This rambling evergreen is incredibly heat tolerant and easy to care for. The clusters of bright tubular flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. Plant near a porch or patio to enjoy the…

Cape Mallow, African Mallow

Cape Mallow, African Mallow (Anisodontea capensis)

This lovely South African native has been a regional favorite for over a century. It is gaining popularity worldwide for its easy care, and continuous display of blooms through the growing season. The flowers look like miniature versions of Tree Mallow. A very charming plant and an…

Carpet Sedum, Needle Stonecrop

Carpet Sedum, Needle Stonecrop 'Sea Urchin' (Sedum lineare)

A reliable solution for hot, windy locations where nothing else can grow. Tiny, narrow leaves are lined with creamy white. Bright yellow, star-shaped flowers are an added bonus.


Cassia (Senna bicapsularis)

Aside from its beautiful foliage, brilliant golden-yellow flowers, and attractive seed pods this plant is also a host plant for Sulphur Butterflies. The butterflies lay their eggs on the plant and it provides a food source for the caterpillars when they emerge. In frost-free climates…

Castor Oil Plant

Castor Oil Plant (Ricinus communis)

The Castor plant has been cultivated since ancient times for its oil that is prized for an array practical and medicinal uses. Care must be taken with this plant. All the plant parts are toxic and can cause irritation and even death if the poisonous seeds are ingested. Take care to…

Catchfly, Campion

Catchfly, Campion 'Rolly's Favorite' (Silene hybrida)

A plant so unique it’s patented! ‘Rolly’s Favorite’ was actually a plant cross that occurred in nature. It was discovered and first brought to market in The Netherlands. It produces a lovely clump of soft foliage with tall stems topped by bright pink flower clusters. Very…