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Cucumberleaf Sunflower, Beach Sunflower

Cucumberleaf Sunflower, Beach Sunflower (Helianthus debilis)

This is a plant found naturally along beaches and dune areas, but it will grow just as well in any garden. It’s a tough plant tolerant to any type of soil, drought conditions and salts from sea spray. The vibrant yellow flowers are very attractive to butterflies.


Cuphea 'Candy Corn' (Cuphea melvilla)

Like the plant’s name suggests Candy Corn Cuphea is a real treat! The tubular flowers are a bright blend of orange and yellow that entices hummingbirds and butterflies into the garden. This plant thrives in heat and tolerates dry conditions. Prune freely to maintain size in warm…


Cuphea 'Firecracker' (Cuphea purpurea)

This low-maintenance selection is sure to attract attention. Trailing plant with dainty, bright red and purple blooms. Adds texture and color to gardens or patios. The flowers are attractive to hummingbirds. U.S. Plant Patent #13,595.


Cuphea Sriracha™ (Cuphea llavea)

Compact plant provides a vibrant display of heat-loving flowers. Blooms cover this plant from late spring through autumn. This low-maintenance selection is certain to please.


Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum)

A great combination of beautiful patterned foliage and uniquely-forms flowers that add tremendous interest to shady locations. Plants can go dormant as a result of hot weather but should reappear when cooler temperatures return. A very popular plant for growing indoors in a bright…

Cyperus, Sedge, Umbrella Plant, Wild Spike

Cyperus, Sedge, Umbrella Plant, Wild Spike (Cyperus species)

A terrific plant for creating dramatic impact in tight spaces. Cyperus species have long been prized as ornamental plants for moist locations. Many have practical uses as well. People have used the long fibers of the Egyptian Reed Cyperus for making paper, rope, and weaving baskets…

Dahlberg Daisy, Golden Fleece

Dahlberg Daisy, Golden Fleece (Dyssodia tenuiloba)

Perfect for adding loads of color to hot, dry locations where many other plants would fail. The low spreading foliage produces an abundance of daisy-like yellow flowers all season long.


Dahlia (Dahlia Hybrid)

Native to the mountains of Central America, Dahlias are a garden favorite throughout the world. The huge selection of varieties provides for a multitude of flower forms and colors to choose from. Dahlia tubers can be dug and stored for reuse, but careful attention to timing, moisture…

Datura, Angel's Trumpet Flower

Datura, Angel's Trumpet Flower (Datura species)

Datura gets its common name from its huge, tubular flowers that resemble trumpets. The blooms may be held upright or dangle like bells along the stem depending on the species. Flowers have a wonderful fragrance and are often followed by the development of interesting seed pods with a…

Dianthus, China Pink, Indian Pink

Dianthus, China Pink, Indian Pink (Dianthus chinensis)

Commonly called China pink or Indian pink, this species of Dianthus produces fringe-petaled blooms with little to no scent. These Chinese natives are technically short-lived perennials, but are generally grown as annuals. Named varieties offer a range of heights and colors with…