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Coleus, Painted Nettle

Coleus, Painted Nettle (Solenostemon hybrid)

Coleus has long been a go-to choice for shady plantings, and now many sun-loving varieties are readily available as well. A multitude of foliage hues and variegation patterns from the many named varieties allows for endless design possibilities. Especially attractive with trailing…

Common Zinnia

Common Zinnia (Zinnia elegans)

A favorite of gardeners and butterflies alike, Zinnias bring long-lasting, bright color and rich texture to any planting. Removal of spent blooms will assure the most prolific and ongoing floral display.

Cool Season Plants

Cool Season Plants

Cool season annual plants are a great way to jump-start your spring gardening or extend the fall flowering season. These plants thrive in cool temperatures and can even tolerate a touch of frost. Choose from a wide range of colorful varieties and sizes.


Copperleaf (Acalypha wilkesiana)

Copperleaf’s mosaic of red, green and purple mottled foliage results in a plant more colorful than many blooming plants. The rich color makes this a spectacular accent on its own or the perfect solution for breaking up the monotony of a landscape filled with green-foliage plants.


Cordyline 'Red Sensation' (Cordyline australis)

Cordyline’s narrow, sword-like foliage adds style and structure to the landscape. Its burgundy-red leaves are a source of rich color all season long, without the fuss of flowers. Terrific for growing in containers, either alone or mixed with contrasting flowers or foliage plants.

Cordyline Spikes Annual

Cordyline Spikes Annual (Cordyline indivisa)

Most commonly utilized as an annual for adding vertical interest to mixed plantings, or as an attractive houseplant. Varieties commonly available offer striped foliage in mixes of reds, greens, and white. Also known as Cordyline indivisa.

Coreopsis, Calliopsis

Coreopsis, Calliopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria)

This North American Native is very easy to grow and is perfect for naturalizing in wild, open areas. Requires very little care and once established holds up very well to dry conditions. Wonderful for attracting butterflies and other beneficial insects into the garden.

Corkscrew Vine, Snail Vine

Corkscrew Vine, Snail Vine (Vigna caracalla)

This plant has everything going for it; it’s fun, fragrant, fast-growing, loaded with beautiful and unusual features, and it offers a very practical solution when the situation calls for quick coverage. This vine gets its common names from its corkscrew-like flower buds. The buds…


Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)

Saucer-like blooms stand out against a backdrop of fine, airy foliage. This Mexican native looks striking when planted en mass or filling out mixed plantings. Remove spent blooms to prolong flowering. May reseed, for a surprise return next season, if dried flower heads are left…


Crassula 'Campfire' (Crassula capitella)

Grown for its attractive foliage. Easy to grow. A reliable solution for hot, dry locations where nothing else can grow.