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Stonecrop 'Xenox' (Sedum hybrid)

Attractive greenish foliage matures to a gray-purple color. Produces large clusters of dainty pink flowers late in the season. The flowers attract butterflies to the garden.

Turkish Sedum

Turkish Sedum 'Sea Stars' (Sedum bithynicum)

A beautiful, carefree carpet of gray-green succulent foliage, perfect for use as a groundcover in hot, sunny areas. The flat, star-like clusters of petite flowers are sure to draw butterflies and other beneficial insects to the garden.

Two Row Stonecrop, Creeping Stonecrop

Two Row Stonecrop, Creeping Stonecrop 'Tricolor' (Sedum spurium)

A colorful and carefree solution for sunny, dry situations, and tolerant of poor soil conditions as well. This trailing variety forms a spreading mat of green, pink, and white-variegated foliage. Clusters of pink flowers appear in summer adding a splash of color and attracting bees,…

Upright Sedum

Upright Sedum (Sedum species)

Great for adding a burst of color to the late season landscape. Flowers attract butterflies to the garden. Handsome foliage looks great throughout the season. Very popular and dependable.

White Stonecrop

White Stonecrop 'Athoum' (Sedum album)

This evergreen selection forms a rosette of dark green, succulent foliage. The leaf tips turn red from summer into autumn. Light pink flowers in midsummer fade to white.

White Stonecrop

White Stonecrop 'Coral Carpet' (Sedum album)

Purplish-grey, mat-like foliage sends up small white or soft pink flowers. New growth is coral colored, before it matures. One of the least demanding, most satisfying perennials in the garden.

White Stonecrop

White Stonecrop (Sedum album)

A groundcover type Sedum with fleshy, drought tolerant leaves and dainty, starry blooms. While the straight species of Sedum album has white blooms, many named varieties from this species have yellow or pink flowers. A wonderful compliment to plants with broad or vertical foliage.