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Arabian Jasmine

Arabian Jasmine 'Maid of Orleans' (Jasminum sambac)

The best feature of this plant is it becomes covered with white flowers that have a delightful, sweet fragrance. Hummingbirds and butterflies will flock to the starry-white flowers. This vining shrub is evergreen, so the leaves stay on it all year round. The flowers are used in China…

Arborvitae, Cedar

Arborvitae, Cedar (Thuja species)

A diverse species that comes in a variety of forms and foliage colors. This is a slow-growing shrub, making it a good choice for novice gardeners or those who want big color with little maintenance. The feathery evergreen foliage is a refreshing sight in the winter landscape. Many…


Arborvitae 'Rushmore' (Thuja occidentalis)

Exceptionally hardy evergreen developed by researchers at North Dakota State University. Produces beautiful, feathery foliage that withstands the bitter cold and winds of winter without suffering foliage burn. The dense foliage offers a safe and appealing place for small birds to…

Arctic Willow, Purpleosier Willow

Arctic Willow, Purpleosier Willow (Salix purpurea)

Also known as purple osier and basket willow. A quick growing shrub with branches that age from purple to gray. Wonderful for bringing vertical and winter interest to wet areas of the landscape. Long, fuzzy blooms called catkins add early spring interest before the narrow foliage…

Arizona Ash, Velvet Ash

Arizona Ash, Velvet Ash 'Fan Tex' (Fraxinus velutina)

'Fan Tex' offers all the classic beauty of the Arizona Ash tree with an edge for surviving hot climates. This cultivar was developed by Fanick’s Nursery in San Antonio, Texas. It has excellent heat and drought tolerance once well-established and the foliage resists wind burn as…


Ash (Fraxinus species)

The various Ash species are medium to fast growing trees popular for the shade provided by their attractive leaves. Autumn foliage ranges from yellow to purplish red, before giving way to the tree's beautiful silhouette for the winter landscape.


Ash 'Raywood' (Fraxinus oxycarpa)

A beautiful shade tree for open areas. Displays good drought tolerance once established. Foliage turns rich red to purple in autumn. This is a medium to fast grower under good conditions.

Asian Pear

Asian Pear '20th Century' (Pyrus pyrifolia)

Large harvests of sweet fruit and reliable performance have made this one of the most popular varieties of Asian pear in the world. This is a very ornamental tree in spring when it’s covered with white blooms, and again in autumn when the foliage turns brilliant orange-red. Plant…

Asian Pear

Asian Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)

The delicious fruits of the Asian pear are gaining popularity world-wide. The pears are rounded with sweet flesh that is crispy like an apple when mature. The trees are beautiful in the early spring when they are covered with fragrant flowers. Pears mature and ripen by late summer.…

Asian Pear

Asian Pear 'Shinseiki' (Pyrus pyrifolia)

Enjoy high yields of sweet, delicious pears in late summer. This is a popular Japanese introduction with beautiful rounded fruits that are crispy like an apple when mature. Plant another variety of Asian pear close-by to ensure good pollination.