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Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage

Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage (Salvia greggii)

Nice shrub-like plant for difficult hot and dry locations. Foliage forms a dense bush sprinkled with bright tubular flowers. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant! Prune freely to maintain size and encourage fresh blooming.

Autumn Stonecrop

Autumn Stonecrop 'Mr. Goodbud' (Sedum hybrid)

A terrific upright sedum with sturdy stems and lush clusters of rosy pink flowers in late summer. Butterflies adore this plant! The brown flower heads add great winter garden interest. Just cut stalks to the ground in spring when the new growth first appears. Unauthorized propagation…

Autumn Stonecrop

Autumn Stonecrop 'Sunset Cloud' (Sedum hybrid)

Sunset Cloud' is a hybrid of two popular upright sedum varieties and its beauty and tidy form are sure to make it even more popular! Bright rose-red bloom clusters, leaves that mature to blue-purple and red stems make for a most stunning combination.


Avens 'Flames of Passion' (Geum rivale)

Brilliant red flowers are held on wiry stems above deep green leaves. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting. This unique selection is sure to attract attention! U.S. Plant Patent #13,730.

Avens, Geum

Avens, Geum 'Koi' (Geum coccineum)

This selection forms compact rosettes of evergreen foliage. Cheerful, bright orange flowers with yellow stamens are held on strong, wiry stems. Blooms from late spring to late summer.

Avens, Geum

Avens, Geum 'Totally Tangerine' (Geum hybrid)

Vibrant orange flowers held on wiry stems bring fantastic color and movement to the garden. The blooms are held high above a rosette of foliage where gentle breezes stir the flowers into motion. The leaves are so beautiful this plant could be grown for its foliage alone. U.S. Plant…

Aztec Grass

Aztec Grass (Ophiopogon intermedius)

Lovely tufts of variegated grass-like foliage spread slowly to form a thick, cushiony turf. Ever-green foliage provides year-round texture and color. Small white flowers are followed by attractive blue berries.

Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila paniculata)

Baby’s Breath is familiar to many as a result of its popularity as a “filler” in cut floral arrangements. Countless tiny blossoms seem to float amidst a delicate tangle of stems. Lends a light, airy appearance to the garden and fills in space among more substantial plants.

Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila species)

A very popular plant used by the floral trade to add fullness to cut flower arrangements. Baby’s Breath brings the same airy touch to the garden landscape. Its delicate cloud of foliage and dainty flowers soften the landscape and create a wonderful filler between more substantial…

Baby's Tears

Baby's Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii)

From a distance Baby’s Tears could easily be confused for moss, its low habit and dense mat of dainty little leaves cover the ground like a carpet. Its delicate charm conceals a surprisingly rugged plant. Baby’s tears grow very quickly, can overcome some frost, and they’re even…