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Ash 'Raywood' (Fraxinus oxycarpa)

A beautiful shade tree for open areas. Displays good drought tolerance once established. Foliage turns rich red to purple in autumn. This is a medium to fast grower under good conditions.

Asian Pear

Asian Pear '20th Century' (Pyrus pyrifolia)

Large harvests of sweet fruit and reliable performance have made this one of the most popular varieties of Asian pear in the world. This is a very ornamental tree in spring when it’s covered with white blooms, and again in autumn when the foliage turns brilliant orange-red. Plant…

Asian Pear

Asian Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)

The delicious fruits of the Asian pear are gaining popularity world-wide. The pears are rounded with sweet flesh that is crispy like an apple when mature. The trees are beautiful in the early spring when they are covered with fragrant flowers. Pears mature and ripen by late summer.…

Asian Pear

Asian Pear 'Shinseiki' (Pyrus pyrifolia)

Enjoy high yields of sweet, delicious pears in late summer. This is a popular Japanese introduction with beautiful rounded fruits that are crispy like an apple when mature. Plant another variety of Asian pear close-by to ensure good pollination.

Assorted Azalea

Assorted Azalea (Azalea)

Easy-to-grow shrub provides year 'round appeal in the landscape. Provides an elegant, long-season display of showy blooms in spring. Display improves with each passing year.

Assorted Evergreens

Assorted Evergreens

Whether broad-leaved, such as rhododendrons or fine needled like a pine, evergreens play a key role in bringing year round texture, structure and energy to gardens and landscapes. They also offer shelter from the weather to birds and animals.


Aucuba (Aucuba species)

Shade-loving choice that is extremely hardy, versatile and easy to grow. An upright shrub with evergreen leaves that thrive with little attention needed. A real standout in heavily shaded locations!

Australian Willow

Australian Willow (Acacia salicina)

An Australian native with drooping leaves similar to a Weeping Willow. Incredibly low maintenance and thrives in hot, dry, desert-like conditions. The leaves are held year-round so there is little clean-up needed. Stems are lined with small yellow flowers in autumn followed by…

Austrian Pine, European Black Pine

Austrian Pine, European Black Pine (Pinus nigra)

Extremely hardy, versatile and low maintenance tree. Pyramidal when young, broad and flat-topped when mature. Moderately long, dark green needles are very stiff. The dark brown bark is quite attractive.


Avocado 'Fantastic' (Persea americana)

This selection is valued for being more cold hardy than other Mexican Avocados. In addition, the fruits are flavorful, have a creamy texture, and are thin-skinned. Avocado are versatile fruits; high in nutrition and excellent peeled and eaten fresh, sliced for salads and sandwiches,…