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Juniper 'Moonglow' (Juniperus scopulorum)

Striking pyramidal column of silvery-blue foliage is a source of year-round color and beauty. Provides great contrast planted among broad-leaf evergreens and variegated grasses and shrubs. Adds a wonderful glow to the nighttime garden as the silver-tinted foliage softly reflects any…


Juniper 'Parsonii' (Juniperus chinensis)

This shrub is recognized as one of the best Junipers for Southeastern gardens because of its heat tolerance. Each plant forms a dome-shaped mound that is ideal for grouping together to create a tall groundcover or for filling in between larger shrubs. An evergreen plant that provides…


Juniper 'Wichita Blue' (Juniperus scopulorum)

Versatile, low-maintenance selection with a pyramidal shape. Intense blue foliage adds texture and color to the landscape all year. Boldly accents other selections.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Rocky Mountain Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum)

Also known as Colorado Red Cedar, this tough evergreen is native to dry, rocky soils yet adaptable to most well-drained, sunny locations. A columnar tree in its true form, with named varieties offering a range of growth habits and colors to fit most landscapes.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Rocky Mountain Juniper 'Montana Green' (Juniperus scopulorum)

An excellent evergreen selection for year-round color. The vertical, pyramidal growth habit is ideal for small garden spaces or growing several trees in a row to create a screen or sound barrier. The fine, dense foliage adds a soft texture to the landscape and provides a welcome…

Savin Juniper

Savin Juniper (Juniperus sabina)

Beautiful evergreen shrub native to the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. Slow-growing with a broad, spreading habit. The graceful, finely textured branches create a soft silhouette in the landscape. Tolerates heat, drought and stressful city conditions.

Scandia Juniper

Scandia Juniper 'Scandia' (Juniperus sabina)

Low-growing evergreen with dense, feathery green foliage. Spreads evenly making this variety an excellent groundcover. Adapts to a wide range of growing conditions.

Shore Juniper

Shore Juniper 'Blue Pacific' (Juniperus conferta)

Great carefree color for hot, dry locations. The rich blue-green foliage forms a spreading mat that creates a beautiful color contrast when planted near dark-leaved shrubs. This is a great plant for beginning gardeners or those who want big color with little maintenance.

Singleseed Juniper

Singleseed Juniper 'Holger' (Juniperus squamata)

Soft-toned gray-green foliage adds year-round sparkle to the landscape. Looks wonderful paired with cool silver, white, and purple tones or go for bold contrast with big-leaved companions and deep green or red-hued foliage and blooming plants. Very durable for hot locations and…

Skyrocket Juniper

Skyrocket Juniper 'Skyrocket' (Juniperus scopulorum)

Very narrow, columnar tree with dense blue-green foliage. Great for adding a strong vertical, architectural appeal to borders, hedges, or foundation plantings. Very durable for hot locations and tolerates poor soil and drought. Year-round color and a bright touch in the winter…