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Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Tasty Orange' (Capsicum annuum)

The crisp texture, vibrant color, and sweet flavor of orange bell peppers are a fantastic way to add color and gourmet flair to recipes calling for green peppers. Orange peppers are not just fun, they’re an excellent low-calorie source of nutrition; especially vitamins A and C.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Tasty Purple' (Capsicum annuum)

Elegant deep-purple bell peppers are a wonderful way to add unusual color and mild sweet flavor to recipes and relish trays. Especially nice in white sauces and soups where the dark color creates an appealing contrast. An excellent source of vitamins A and C.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Tinker Bell' (Capsicum annuum)

Small, thick-walled, blocky fruit has a sweeter flavor than other varieties. Ideal for small-space gardens and patio containers.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Valencia Orange' (Capsicum annuum)

The fabulous bright orange fruit color is a sight to be seen! 'Valencia Orange' is not only useful for adding color to a sandwich or sliced up on veggie dip tray, but their flavor is sweet, crisp and delicious. To entice children to taste Bell Peppers, slice the Pepper into rings and…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper White (Capsicum annuum)

White bell peppers are a wonderful alternative to ordinary bell peppers and can be used in any recipe that calls for peppers. Peppers have a crispy texture and sweet flavor. Particularly nice for light cream sauces where the flavor of pepper is desired but without altering the color…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Yellow Belle' (Capsicum annuum)

A good “all-around” pepper that produces very high yields of sweet, thick walled fruit, ‘Yellow Belle’ is often referred to as a California Wonder type. Early, four lobed peppers ripen from green to yellow, to yellow-orange and finally to a vibrant red. Bell Peppers are a…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper Yellow (Capsicum annuum)

Bell Peppers are a versatile and nutritious ingredient, high in vitamins A and C, which make it a perfect candidate for growing in home gardens. Turn any simple dish from dull to dazzling in an instant with its sunny yellow color. The plants grow best once the day and night…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Yolo Wonder' (Capsicum annuum)

An improved strain of 'California Wonder' with better disease resistance. Produces lots of blocky, thick-walled Peppers. The fruit turns from dark green to bright red when mature. Makes a great low calorie choice for an afternoon snack. Sweet Peppers add flavor and nutrients to any…

Bishop's Crown, Christmas Bell Pepper

Bishop's Crown, Christmas Bell Pepper (Capsicum baccatum var pendulum)

A fascinating pepper variety that is just as ornamental as it is tasty. Produces loads of dangling peppers in a shape that resembles a bell, or a Catholic bishop’s crown. The flavor is generally mild. There’s a bit of spiciness in the middle of the fruits but the flared…

Dwarf Bell Pepper

Dwarf Bell Pepper 'Mohawk' (Capsicum annuum)

A true dwarf Bell Pepper with a trailing habit. Produces high yields of fruit that mature from green to orange. The unique cascading habit should be showcased in a hanging baskets and patio containers. Collect your peppers when they are green or if you're patient, wait for them to…