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Apple 'Lodi' (Malus pumila)

This early-season variety produces a heavy crop of lovely green apples with a refreshing tart flavor. An excellent selection for juices, sauce or baking. To insure good yields a cross-pollinator should also be planted.


Apple (Malus pumila)

Apple trees are a wonderful choice for supplying beauty and sustenance! All apples will provide a lush display of spring blooms, so the decision of which varieties to grow comes down to taste preference and whether the apples are desired for cooking or fresh eating. The broad…


Apple 'McIntosh' (Malus pumila)

Often mislabeled as 'MacIntosh', the ‘McIntosh' Apple was first discovered by John McIntosh on his farm in Ontario, Canada near the St. Lawrence River in 1811. White blossoms in spring are followed by attractive, dark green foliage. Medium-sized, round fruit has firm, bright red…


Apple 'Ozark Gold' (Malus pumila)

Ripening three or more weeks earlier than ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Ozark Gold’ produces medium to large smooth yellow fruits that are mildly tart with little acid, and are ideal for eating fresh or processing in sauces and pies. They can be kept for up to 8 weeks, sweetening in…


Apple 'Parkland' (Malus pumila)

Exceptionally cold-hardy variety introduced by the Morden Research Station in Manitoba. Apples are yellow-green blushed with red and reach maturity in mid-summer. The white flesh is crisp and sweet for eating fresh or baking. To insure good yields a cross-pollinator should also be…


Apple 'Pink Lady' (Malus pumila)

Actually the same variety as ‘Cripps Pink’, but marketed under the name ‘Pink Lady’. This is a late-season variety developed in Australia. Produces sweet yellow fruit blushed with bright red. A good selection for warm climates. Protected under U.S. Plant Patent #7880.


Apple 'Red Delicious' (Malus pumila)

Landscaping with edible plants is becoming increasingly popular, with attractive fruit-bearing trees and shrubs being incorporated into home landscapes. America’s favorite red apple, the ‘Red Delicious’ is a perfect choice to integrate into the landscape border, with its…


Apple 'Red Rome' (Malus pumila)

A terrific mid-to-late season variety for warm climates. Produces an abundance of juicy red apples that are exceptionally good for making applesauce or baking.


Apple Royal Gala® (Malus pumila)

The same thin-skinned, sweet fruit as the original 'Gala' cultivar but with more red blush to the skin. The crisp, mildly sweet apples are ideal for eating fresh or used in making applesauce. To maximize an Apple trees productivity and fruit quality, prune the tree in late winter or…

Apple Serviceberry, Juneberry

Apple Serviceberry, Juneberry 'Autumn Brilliance' (Amelanchier x grandiflora)

Early blooming tree or shrub with year round appeal. Fragrant white blooms mature into showy, delicious berries. This vibrant beauty displays warm orange and red hued leaves in autumn.

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