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China Doll

China Doll (Radermachera sinica)

This beautiful Asian native provides a lovely, natural tree-form for indoor settings. The glossy foliage grows in a loose canopy that creates a very relaxed feeling. In nature China Doll is a true tree, reaching heights up to 90’ (30m). In temperate, frost-free climates it can be…

Chin Cactus Indoors

Chin Cactus Indoors (Gymnocalycium species)

A group of small cacti species found throughout the mid to southern regions of South America. Perfectly sized for a mixed dish garden or cacti terrarium. This cactus gets its common name, “chin cactus” from its rounded ribs with horizontal separations that create the effect of a…

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema species)

Aglaonema are easy care selections perfect for bringing the beauty and health benefits of living plants into the home! Most varieties have variegated foliage that brightens any setting with its contrast of white and green. Allowing soil to dry a bit before watering, especially in…

Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, Missionary Plant

Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, Missionary Plant (Pilea peperomioides)

A fun, funky plant with round, coin-shaped leaves that also earn it the name “pancake plant”. This Chinese native was discovered in 1946 by a Norwegian missionary. He brought the plant home to Norway and before long many people were growing and sharing money plants. The plants…

Cineraria Indoors

Cineraria Indoors (Pericallis x cruentus)

Excellent as a houseplant when provided medium light levels. Cineraria's daisy-like blooms come in a rainbow of brilliant colors to brighten any summer annual planting. In its warmer native zones Cineraria blooms from winter to spring.

Citrosa Geranium Indoors

Citrosa Geranium Indoors (Pelargonium citrosum)

The foliage of Citrosa Geranium has a refreshing lemon-scent that is very similar to the scent of the Citronella plant. This plant’s beautiful, delicately cut foliage disguises its rugged character. Citrosa is very easy to care for, and can tolerate some neglect. A perfect plant…

Club Moss, Spike Moss Indoors

Club Moss, Spike Moss Indoors (Selaginella species)

A charming, low-growing moss native to sub-Saharan Africa. Produces a dense mass of tiny scaled foliage. Varieties are available in a range of color blends from green to gold. Some produce creamy white new growth that gives the plant a “frosted” appearance. Easy to care for and…


Codonanthe (Codonanthe species)

A lovely group of creeping or climbing epiphytes that produce a cascade of tidy, thick foliage. Under ideal conditions white flowers appear throughout the year and may be followed by orange berries.

This plant has a special relationship with ants and it is often found growing on…

Compact Dieffenbachia

Compact Dieffenbachia (Dieffenbachia compacta)

A dense, compact variety of Dumb Cane. The beautiful green foliage flecked with white makes a great specimen on its own, or it can be grouped with other colorful plants such as Crotons and Dracaenas to create a vibrant year-round display. Dumb Canes rank high on a list of plants…

Coral Cactus

Coral Cactus (Euphorbia lactea cristata)

Whorls of fleshy, wavy leaves much like underwater coral, make this cactus an eye-catching houseplant. Arrange it with containers of other low care Cacti, in various shapes, for a fun and stress-free display. Avoid contact with sap from this cacti as it is dangerous to the eyes, skin…