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Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Sweet Banana' (Capsicum annuum)

A gardener’s favorite for decades, recognized in 1941 by All America Selections for outstanding performance and flavor. 'Sweet Banana’ produces long, sweet peppers that mature from yellow to red. Banana peppers get their name from their golden color and long, narrow shape that…

Banana Tree

Banana Tree (Musa species)

Banana trees bring a tropical feel to any planting with their large leaves and interesting fruit and flowers. Most are grown purely as ornamentals, but some varieties do produce tasty fruit, in favorable climates. Keep sheltered from wind to protect the leaves from being shredded.…

Barrel Cactus Indoors

Barrel Cactus Indoors (Echinocactus species)

Barrel cacti are some of the most popular cacti for growing indoors. They’re easy to care for and their globe shape, with its distinctive vertical ribs, brings a sculptural, designer quality to any room. Barrel cacti are native to the scrublands of Mexico. They grow very well near…

Basket of Gold

Basket of Gold (Aurinia saxatilis)

This evergreen selection thrives in difficult locations where other plants fail. Brilliant yellow flowers are set against dark gray-green foliage. Adds a splash of color to the early season landscape.

Basket of Gold

Basket of Gold Summit™ (Aurinia saxatilis)

A familiar source of warm color in the garden. Brilliant yellow flowers are set against dark gray-green foliage. Attracts butterflies to the garden. Adds a splash of color to the early season landscape.

Batface Cuphea

Batface Cuphea (Cuphea llavea)

A fun plant for hot, dry locations. It forms a spreading mound of foliage sprinkled with vibrant red and purple flowers. The common name “Batface” comes from the unusual flower form. With a little imagination the center part of the bloom resembles the face of bat.


Beardtongue 'Blue Buckle' (Penstemon virgatus)

Native to North America, Penstemon has long been used for medicinal purposes. Its beauty and ease of care alone are remedies for many ailments, flowering continuously through the summer, and thriving in heat and drought (once established.) Upright stems showcasing clusters of…

Big Blue Stem

Big Blue Stem (Andropogon gerardii)

Upright, clump-forming selection with arching blue-green leaves. Purplish flower spikes appear late in the season. The foliage turns bronze-red in autumn.

Bird of Paradise Bush

Bird of Paradise Bush (Caesalpinia gilliesii)

Hard to believe a plant so delicate-looking could be so resilient, but the Bird of Paradise Bush can stand up to full sun, poor soil, and drought conditions combined. A very ornamental plant with airy, fern-like foliage and exotic yellow flowers through the summer. This shrub is…

Bitterroot, Cliff Maids

Bitterroot, Cliff Maids (Lewisia longipetala)

This beauty is prized for its colorful flowers that bloom over a long time period, from April through June. Lewisia are native the Western North America and thrive when provided a planting site with excellent drainage. Originally discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1875, the…

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