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Showy Stonecrop

Showy Stonecrop 'Pink Bomb' (Sedum spectabile)

A fantastic, compact stonecrop variety with sturdy stems that won’t droop under the weight of dense flower clusters. Terrific for hot, dry locations and a refreshing burst of color in late summer when many plants start looking tired. A magnet for butterflies and other beneficial…

Showy Stonecrop

Showy Stonecrop (Sedum spectabile)

An upright growing Sedum species with tight clusters of starry blooms. Before maturing in late summer the flower clusters somewhat resemble broccoli heads! Their scalloped edged-leaves look great throughout the season and the burst of autumn-greeting blooms makes them worthy garden…

Spanish Stonecrop

Spanish Stonecrop 'Blue Carpet' (Sedum hybrid)

Tiny, plump leaves look like cool blue teardrops during warm weather, then shade to purple hues as cooler temperatures set in. Dainty white to pink blooms frost the plant in summer. Very stylish paired with groundcovers having golden foliage.


Stonecrop 'Abbeydore' (Sedum hybrid)

Forms a mound of succulent blue-green foliage. Massive flower heads are supported by sturdy stems. Clusters of light pink flower buds open to pink-red blooms. The blooms are followed by red seed pods.


Stonecrop 'Bon Bon' (Sedum telephium)

Pink flowers contrast beautifully with the chocolate-burgundy foliage. Especially pleasing for its tidy, mounding habit.


Stonecrop 'Coca Cola' (Sedum cauticola)

A gorgeous trailing form of Stonecrop that can be found growing among cliffs in its native habitat in Japan. This variety offers an intense contrast of silvery gray-green foliage and hot pink flowers in late summer. Feature it in a patio planter or in the foreground of a mixed…

Stonecrop Combination Planter

Stonecrop Combination Planter (Sedum species)

Sedums are some of the most durable, carefree plants for sunny, hot, dry growing conditions. Their vast range of foliage colors, textures and growth habits are perfect for getting wildly creative with mixed plantings, especially in containers for sunny spots where keeping up with…

Stonecrop, Groundcover Sedum

Stonecrop, Groundcover Sedum 'Czar's Gold' (Sedum hybrid)

A beautiful solution for challenging sunny, dry locations. Plants form a carpet of succulent scallop-edged foliage that is a perfect filler among border plants or used as a groundcover. Brilliant yellow flowers add a rejuvenating burst of color to the late summer landscape. Sedum…

Stonecrop, Groundcover Sedum

Stonecrop, Groundcover Sedum 'Red Cauli' (Sedum telephium)

A clump-forming, upright selection. Produces reddish green foliage and dark purple-red flowers. One of the least demanding, most satisfying perennials in the garden. Expect lots of butterflies and bees to visit when the plants are in flower!

Stonecrop, Groundcover Sedum

Stonecrop, Groundcover Sedum (Sedum kamtschaticum)

Dark green leaves form a loose evergreen mat. Clusters of pink buds open to star-shaped, golden yellow flowers. This very popular and dependable selection attracts butterflies.