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Caladium Indoors

Caladium Indoors (Caladium bicolor)

Large, heart-shaped leaves in a variety of colors. Great accent plant that adds a tropical feel to any setting. This low-maintenance selection requires little attention.

Calathea, Prayer Plant

Calathea, Prayer Plant (Calathea fasciata)

A wonderful foliage plant that offers color and brightness for any room! Its broad leaves are dark green variegated with white on the upper surface and often reddish purple on the undersides. The variegation patterns differ amongst available varieties. All varieties make beautiful…

Calathea, Rattlesnake Plant, Prayer Plant, Peacock Plant

Calathea, Rattlesnake Plant, Prayer Plant, Peacock Plant (Calathea species)

Calatheas come in a remarkable assortment of color blends ranging from green tones to burgundy and silver shades. The plant gets its common name "Prayer Plant" because the leaves on most species fold closed at night similar to a pair of praying hands. A wonderful foliage plant that…

Calceolaria, Pouch Flower, Slipper Flower

Calceolaria, Pouch Flower, Slipper Flower (Calceolaria Hybrid)

The bright, puffed up blooms of Calceolaria bring a burst of color and unexpectedness all at once. A charming plant best viewed up close. Use it as a centerpiece or place on coffee or end tables where it can be easily seen.

Calla Lily Indoors

Calla Lily Indoors (Zantedeschia rehmannii)

Revered as symbols of purity and rebirth, Calla Lilies bring elegance and sophistication to any room. Showcase one solo, as a tabletop or mantle centerpiece, or group with ferns and ivies for a lovely composition.

Carnation Indoors

Carnation Indoors (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Dianthus caryophyllus produce fragrant, loosely tufted blooms sure to catch the attention of nose and eyes. Try several as a cheery centerpiece or tuck some amongst leafy houseplants for a quick, colorful change of décor.

Cat Palm, Cataractarum Palm Indoors

Cat Palm, Cataractarum Palm Indoors (Chamaedorea cataractarum)

A bushy palm with arching, airy fronds. Native to Mexico, this species can be grown in the understory of other plants outdoors, but is most commonly used as an easy care houseplant. Arrange amongst broader leaved houseplants for a stylish display.

Celosia, Cockscomb, Flamingo Feather Indoors

Celosia, Cockscomb, Flamingo Feather Indoors (Celosia species)

Celosia are known for their bright, soft-to-the-touch blooms. Depending on the variety chosen, those blooms may be a wavy ridge resembling a velvety rooster's comb (crested) or a fluffy, feather-like stalk (plumed). These fun and colorful plants thrive in bright, sunny locations and…

Cephalocereus Cactus Indoors

Cephalocereus Cactus Indoors (Cephalocereus species)

Best known as the “Old Man Cactus” for its soft covering of white spines that resemble the hair of an old man. These hairs actually help keep the cactus cool under the hot Mexican sun by shading its skin. Species in this genus can grow 50’ (15m) tall in their native range,…

Cereus Cactus Indoors

Cereus Cactus Indoors (Cereus species)

Cereus is a large group of shrubby or treelike cacti with distinct, columnar forms. These South American natives are vigorous growers and some species can get tree-size in their natural habitat. Indoors they thrive in bright, warm locations, but take care to put Cereus in a…

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