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Begonia (Begonia boliviensis)

This beautiful plant can be found growing naturally along the rocky slopes of the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. The dangling, bell-shaped flowers create a cascade of color that is especially striking when spilling over the sides of a planter. Potted plants add a…


Begonia (Begonia species)

Begonias are a classic and colorful choice for annual beds and containers. They offer interesting foliage, varying from scalloped and waxy paddles to silvery and angel-wing shaped. The multitude of varieties also offers different flower forms; dainty, simple petaled wax blooms, lush…


Begonia Big™ (Begonia hybrid)

This plant was specially bred to bring together all the best that begonias have to offer. It has big colorful blooms, more flowers, and foliage that is both sturdy and beautiful. Performs exceptionally well under adverse conditions.


Begonia 'Gryphon' (Begonia x hybrida)

Beauty and durability make this dramatic foliage plant the perfect companion to other shade loving selections in mixed plantings or totally on its own in a solo container. ‘Gryphon’ is tolerant of stressful conditions such as low water and high humidity making it an easy care…


Begonia 'Ikon' (Begonia hybrid)

A shimmering hybrid begonia developed in Costa Rica. Lovely angel-wing shaped foliage has a silvery cast complimented by loose clusters of white flowers blushed with pink produced throughout the season.

Benary Begonia

Benary Begonia (Begonia x benariensis)

Very large blooms on lush, upright plants make Begonia x benariensis a real standout over traditional wax begonias. Their strong presence makes them well suited to use as a companion plant or starring solo.


Bidens (Bidens ferulifolia)

Native to Mexico and the Southern United States, Bidens brings sunny color, casual style and easy care over a long season as an annual, perennial or houseplant, A profusion of yellow blooms and masses of finely textured foliage, make Bidens an excellent choice as a filler, companion…


Bidens 'Bidy Gonzales Top' (Bidens ferulifolia)

A profusion of yellow blooms and masses of finely textured foliage, make Bidens ‘Bidy Gonzales Top’ an excellent choice as a filler, companion or feature plant. Native to Mexico and the Southern United States, this is a reliable selection for hot locations. Great for containers…

Blue Marguerite

Blue Marguerite (Felicia amelloides)

Yellow-centered blue or white daisies seem to float amongst mounds of small leaves. This South African native provides a wonderfully long season of bloom with very little attention. A light shearing or pinching back will keep the plant form getting leggy.

Blue Porterweed

Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta urticifolia)

This North American native plant is a must for butterfly enthusiasts. The deeply textured leaves forms a lush, upright mound and the skinny spikes of blue flowers add a rich depth of color to the garden. Butterflies and bees love the flowers!

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