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Astrophytum Cactus Indoors

Astrophytum Cactus Indoors (Astrophytum species)

A charming group of slow-growing cacti native to arid regions from Mexico into Texas. Astrophytum species are often easy to identify by their round forms, encircled by deep vertical ribs and prominent ridges that give the cacti a star-like appearance, especially when viewed from the…

Australian Sword Fern

Australian Sword Fern Kimberley Queen® (Nephrolepis obliterata)

'Kimberley Queen' has rich green fronds with crisply cut edges that arch gracefully from the center of the plant. Less fussy than Boston ferns and a beautiful accent indoors or out. Enjoys humidity year round, but watering should be reduced, when indoors, during winter months.

Austrian Pine, European Black Pine

Austrian Pine, European Black Pine (Pinus nigra)

Extremely hardy, versatile and low maintenance tree. Pyramidal when young, broad and flat-topped when mature. Moderately long, dark green needles are very stiff. The dark brown bark is quite attractive.

Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage

Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage (Salvia greggii)

Nice shrub-like plant for difficult hot and dry locations. Foliage forms a dense bush sprinkled with bright tubular flowers. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant! Prune freely to maintain size and encourage fresh blooming.

Autumn Stonecrop

Autumn Stonecrop 'Mr. Goodbud' (Sedum hybrid)

A terrific upright sedum with sturdy stems and lush clusters of rosy pink flowers in late summer. Butterflies adore this plant! The brown flower heads add great winter garden interest. Just cut stalks to the ground in spring when the new growth first appears. Unauthorized propagation…

Autumn Stonecrop

Autumn Stonecrop 'Sunset Cloud' (Sedum hybrid)

Sunset Cloud' is a hybrid of two popular upright sedum varieties and its beauty and tidy form are sure to make it even more popular! Bright rose-red bloom clusters, leaves that mature to blue-purple and red stems make for a most stunning combination.

Baby Jade

Baby Jade (Crassula ovata)

Easy to grow succulent features fleshy leaves on thick branches. In bright light, leaf edges become adorned with red. White to pale pink, starry blooms. A reliable solution for hot, dry locations where nothing else can grow.

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Banana peppers get their name from their color and shape which resemble that of a banana. There are both hot and sweet varieties of banana peppers available. All are easy to grow and delicious eaten fresh, in cooking, or pickled.

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Ethem' (Capsicum annuum)

This banana-type Pepper develops particularly large fruits with a mild, sweet taste. Expect the plant to yield a continuous supply of vitamin C-packed Peppers. Home gardeners should consider planting a sampling of different Pepper types in addition to this selection, such as sweet…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Hot Sunset' (Capsicum hybrid)

This pepper lives up to its "sunset" name and matures from yellow to orange and eventually red, plus the fruits have a delicious, spicy flavor. Through growing trials across the U.S., this pepper is recognized for grow especially well in the Southeast, Heartland, and Great Lakes…

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