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Thyme 'Hi Ho Silver' (Thymus Hybrid)

This outstanding Thyme is gorgeous when mixed throughout borders or potted up in containers! Place a pot of 'Hi Ho' on a sunny windowsill or patio to provide quick access to the flavorful leaves. The leaves can be used to add flavor to meat dishes, marinades, vinegars and stuffing.…


Thyme 'Silver Edge' (Thymus vulgaris)

This gorgeous variegated Thyme looks beautiful anywhere it is planted! 'Silver Edge' is a very ornamental variety that is nice for planting in combination planters and along walkways. Try placing a container of 'Silver Edge' on a outdoor tabletop as a fragrant centerpiece or grow it…


Thyme 'Silver Posie' (Thymus vulgaris)

'Silver Posie' is an upright variegated Thyme that looks spectacular anywhere in the landscape! This ornamental variety is nice for planting in combination planters. Try placing a container of 'Silver Posie' on a outdoor tabletop as a fragrant centerpiece or indoors on a sunny…


Thyme 'Tabor' (Thymus pulegioides)

One of the best Thymes for cooking! This prostrate plant provides extremely aromatic leaves that can be used to flavor meats, cheese, vegetables and oil. 'Tabor' is also an outstanding container plant. Place a pot of this Thyme on a patio tabletop as a aromatic centerpiece. This herb…

Tufted Thyme

Tufted Thyme (Thymus caespititius)

The narrow, slightly sticky leaves emit a tangerine-pine fragrance. Tufted Thyme makes a really splendid fragrant groundcover. Tuck this plant in between paving stones and rocks, or allow it to spill over the sides of containers. The leaves can be used as a substitue for Thymus x…

White Creeping Thyme

White Creeping Thyme 'Albus' (Thymus praecox)

A beautiful carpet of fragrant foliage covered by clusters of tiny white flowers over a long season in summer. Attracts bees and butterflies to the garden.

Wooly Thyme

Wooly Thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus)

Delightful evergreen selection. Creeping plant forms a dense mat of woolly, fragrant, gray-green foliage. Dainty pink flowers in midsummer attract bees to the garden. Tolerates moderate foot traffic.