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Alpine Rock Cress

Alpine Rock Cress (Arabis caucasica)

Clusters of dainty blooms combine with evergreen foliage to bring color, fragrance and soft texture to the harshest planting sites. This mounding spreader thrives in poor, dry soil, heat and wind. A light shearing after blooming is all the effort it takes to keep this Arabis looking…

Alpine Rock Cress

Alpine Rock Cress 'Compinkie' (Arabis caucasica)

'Compinkie' forms spreading mats of evergreen foliage. Dainty rose-pink flowers bloom from spring to summer. A reliable solution for hot, windy locations.

Alpine Rock Cress

Alpine Rock Cress 'Snowfix' (Arabis caucasica)

This dependable selection forms a low carpet of evergreen foliage. Clusters of dainty, pure white flowers early in the season. Easy to grow and very rewarding.

Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

Very ornamental, runnerless strawberry. Delicious tasting berries are an added bonus from summer through autumn. This edible Strawberry also makes a neat and beautiful edging plant.

Alpine Willowherb

Alpine Willowherb (Epilobium fleischeri)

This charming little Alpine flower originates in the European Alps. It’s a very durable plant that grows in stony areas, often near waterways in the wild. A natural for rock gardens or soil high in gravel.


Amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrid)

Amaryllis is a popular bulb for forced-blooming indoors in the winter, but they can also be enjoyed outdoors in regions with mild winters. The enormous trumpet blooms are just as spectacular planted among garden flowers. Adding a layer of mulch in winter will help protect from light…

Amur Stonecrop

Amur Stonecrop (Sedum selskianum)

A succulent evergreen perennial for hot, dry planting sites. Flat, green leaves with scalloped edges form attractive rosettes. Named varieties may have variegated, silvery or golden foliage. Fun to pair with plants having purple tinted leaves or blooms.

Amur Stonecrop

Amur Stonecrop 'Spirit' (Sedum selskianum)

A low, spreading succulent plant that will thrive in hot, dry locations. The waxy, scalloped, evergreen foliage creates a beautiful carpet of color and texture year-round. Produces clusters of yellow star-shaped flowers over a long season from late spring to autumn.

Anemone, Windflower

Anemone, Windflower (Anemone species)

All species of Anemone have beautiful, deeply cut or fern-like foliage that is attractive in the garden even when the plant is not in flower. A variety of sizes and colors are available and all add a refreshing touch of color to the late summer and autumn landscape. Many varieties…

Angelita Daisy

Angelita Daisy (Hymenoxys acaulis)

Tidy mounds of needle-leaved, silvery-green foliage add cool color and great form to hot, dry locations. Long wiry stems of yellow daisies appear from spring through autumn. A vibrant, carefree selection!

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