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Beans, Bush Beans

Beans, Bush Beans 'Blue Lake Bush' (Phaseolus vulgaris)

This bean has been around forever… And it’s no wonder, it is incredibly easy to grow and produces heaps of beans with the best garden fresh flavor a bean has to offer. Harvesting the beans when the pods are about 6 ½” long will ensure the best results for tenderness and…


Beets (Beta vulgaris)

Beets have been a staple in the human diet for thousands of years. The wild ancestor to today's beets grows in the regions near the Mediterranean Coast and references to beets have been found in ancient Greek and Mesopotamian writings. All parts of the beet plant are edible and…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Bell Boy' (Capsicum annuum)

High yields of blocky, thick-walled Peppers that mature from green to red. The sturdy plants are very easy to grow and will produce a steady supply of crispy sweet peppers all season long.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Better Belle' (Capsicum annuum)

A variety considered superior to the old California Wonder in size, taste, and yield. ‘Better Belles’ are fast growing Peppers well suited for your garden plot or patio pot. Growing Peppers is easy and common practice for the home gardener. Heat tolerance and disease resistance…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Big Bertha' (Capsicum annuum)

The fruits may be harvested when they are green, to increase the yields and frequency of harvesting. Alternatively, the fruits may be allowed to ripen to red, leaving them time to develop an enhanced flavor, but resulting in smaller yields. Provide support for the limbs, to hold the…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Blushing Beauty' (Capsicum Hybrid)

Peppers have never looked better! This award-winning variety produces thick-walled Peppers that blush from ivory to pink to red as they mature. With its compact habit and colorful display of sweet fruit, ‘Blushing Beauty’ is ideal in a container on your patio or deck. The…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Bonnie Green' (Capsicum annuum)

This plant produces classic large, green-colored Peppers with a sweet and tasty flavor. Sweet Bell Peppers are a staple in a multitude of recipes. The plants grow best once the day and night temperatures are consistently warm. This is a selection from Bonnie Plants.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Bunker' (Capsicum annuum)

Blocky, sweet-flavored Peppers can be harvested off this plant when green or when they fully mature to red. Red-colored Bell Peppers contain about twice the amount of vitamins A and C compared to green. This plant is resistant to a multitude of diseases and will reliably produce a…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'California Wonder' (Capsicum annuum)

Crunchy, Crisp, and Classic….. Three words to describe ‘California Wonder’ Peppers, a top pick for the home vegetable gardener since the 1920’s. Very well known, this Heirloom pepper sets good sized, blocky fruits that are typically used green but will ripen to a vitamin…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Bell peppers have a mild, sweet flavor with an incredible, succulent, crunch. Their versatile taste blends easily with many recipes and the bright range of colors turns a simple dish from dull to dazzling in an instant. Very high in vitamins A and C and delicious served fresh or…

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