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Arctotis, African Daisy

Arctotis, African Daisy (Arctotis venusta)

Also known as “Blue-eyed African Daisy” because of the glowing blue flower centers. This dainty but durable plant offers a season-long display of white flowers that bring a cool feeling to sunny, arid locations. Arctotis originates in the hot, dry regions of South Africa and…


Argyranthemum (Argyranthemum frutescens)

This old-fashioned favorite is sure to attract attention. Feathery foliage compliments a non-stop display of colorful daisies. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting.

Asparagus Fern, Plumosa Fern

Asparagus Fern, Plumosa Fern (Asparagus plumosus)

The feathery, rich green foliage provide soft texture and a light, airy appearance. An easy-to-grow plant that tolerates changes in watering frequency and is very low maintenance. Protect from harsh afternoon sun for the best appearance.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern 'Sprengeri' (Asparagus densiflorus)

Feathery, soft fronds lend a light airy feel to any planting. Wonderful used solo as a calming focal point or in combinations to tie things together. Protect from harsh afternoon sun for the best appearance.

Aster, China Aster

Aster, China Aster (Callistephus chinensis)

Depending on variety, the long-lasting blooms of the chinensis species may resemble pom poms or daisies and come in a range of colors. Removing spent blooms will promote the most continuous flowering, well into autumn.

Australian Sword Fern

Australian Sword Fern Kimberley Queen® (Nephrolepis obliterata)

'Kimberley Queen' has rich green fronds with crisply cut edges that arch gracefully from the center of the plant. Less fussy than Boston ferns and a beautiful accent indoors or out. Enjoys humidity year round, but watering should be reduced, when indoors, during winter months.

Baby Jade

Baby Jade (Crassula ovata)

Easy to grow succulent features fleshy leaves on thick branches. In bright light, leaf edges become adorned with red. White to pale pink, starry blooms. A reliable solution for hot, dry locations where nothing else can grow.


Bacopa (Sutera cordata)

Beautiful as a groundcover or cascading from hanging baskets and containers. This South African native plant is covered with charming little flowers all summer long. Creates a fantastic contrast when planted next to more boldly-colored flowers.


Basil 'Cardinal' (Ocimum basilicum)

The potential of this gorgeous Basil is limitless! This delightfully fragrant ornamental herb can be mixed throughout annual beds, planted in patio pots, or even used as a cut flower in fresh bouquets. Try growing it in a sunny windowsill to perfume your home and have quick-and-easy…

Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants

Bedding plants are a source of instant color for the garden and a great way to express your personal taste and creativity in the landscape. Commercial plant growers specifically select plants that offer gardeners continuous blooms and great color from the time they're planted right…

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