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Stromanthe Indoors

Stromanthe Indoors 'Triostar' (Stromanthe sanguinea)

Vibrant multicolored foliage brings a touch of the Brazilian tropics to the indoors! This is a beautiful accent plant for a home, office, or public space. Under ideal growing conditions produces long stalks tipped by clusters of red flowers in spring.

Succulents Indoors

Succulents Indoors

Succulent plants are available in an incredible array of unusual forms, textures and colors. They are virtually carefree and great starter plants for anyone inexperienced with houseplants or who enjoys the refreshing presence of plants indoors without a lot of maintenance.

Sunflower Indoors

Sunflower Indoors (Helianthus annuus)

Few flowers capture the cheerful, warm, sunny days of summer quite like sunflowers. Their vibrant color and big blooms are sure to bring a happy feeling to any room.

Sun Star, Orange Star Plant Indoors

Sun Star, Orange Star Plant Indoors (Ornithogalum dubium)

Bright starry blooms cluster atop narrow leaves for a striking display of bold color and crisp form. Use solo as a centerpiece or arrange amongst a backdrop of foliage plants. Once flowering has ended, reduce watering to a minimum.

Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus australis)

One of the easiest of all plants to grow! Prized for its cascading stems of shiny, round leaves. Plant is occasionally complemented by white or purple flowers. Stylishly accents other bright colors.

Sweetheart Hoya

Sweetheart Hoya (Hoya kerrii)

This is a fun and unusual plant that is commonly called “Sweetheart” or “Valentine” Hoya because its thick leaves that are shaped just like hearts! The vining stems produce clusters of dainty, fragrant flowers over a long period. Easy care and an excellent choice for a gift…

Swiss Cheese Plant or Vine

Swiss Cheese Plant or Vine (Monstera adansonii)

Swiss cheese plant gets its funny name from holes that naturally develop in the plant’s leaves as they mature. The holes give the leaves the appearance of sliced Swiss cheese, but in nature they allow water and sunlight to flow through to lower parts of the plant. Monstera is…

Syngonium, Arrowhead Vine

Syngonium, Arrowhead Vine Allusion® Series (Syngonium podophyllum)

Allusion® Syngoniums are fun and easy to grow. The arrowhead-shaped foliage is the source of the plant’s common name and gives this plant unique character compared to many standard houseplants. The foliage is an unusual blend of green, rosy-red and creamy-white tones that provides…

Tahitian Bridal Veil Indoors

Tahitian Bridal Veil Indoors (Tradescantia multiflora)

Trailing stems of deep green leaves covered with tiny white flowers add a relaxed, natural touch to interiors. This lovely plant gets its common name from its cascading foliage that trails over containers like a veil. Prune freely to maintain the desired size and shape.



Terrariums are a fun way to enjoy a mini landscape just about anywhere. They’re a lovely, low-maintenance accent for an office desk or a centerpiece on a dining table or buffet. Perfectly sized for bringing a relaxing touch of nature to small apartments, dorm rooms, or long term…