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Chilean Mesquite

Chilean Mesquite (Prosopis chilensis)

Excellent fast-growing tree is perfect for creating quick shade in hot, dry locations. Chilean Mesquite goes into a dormant period for about four months in winter. During this time it will lose some of its foliage. New growth appears again in spring along with small catkin-like…

Chinese Arborvitae

Chinese Arborvitae 'Aurea nana' (Platycladus orientalis)

Chinese Arborvitae brings a warm glow to the landscape with its rich golden foliage. The overall habit is similar to the green upright arborvitaes and the uses are the same. They grow quickly and are a good choice for a hedge or privacy screen. Have fun mixing different flower and…

Chinese Fan Palm, Fountain Palm

Chinese Fan Palm, Fountain Palm (Livistona chinensis)

The bold, fan-shaped leaves add a tropical touch to the landscape. This slow-growing fan palm has a distinctive feature of drooping at the tips, which gives it a graceful fountain-like effect. Native to Japan and Taiwan. Popular as a sunroom and patio plant where not hardy.

Chinese Firethorn

Chinese Firethorn (Pyracantha crenatoserrata)

This Chinese native produces lovely glossy evergreen foliage on a sprawling, well-branched shrub. The dense branches create an excellent background plant or hedge. Chinese Firethorn produces an abundance of orange-red berry clusters that bring a boost of color and life to the fading…

Chinese Fringe Flower

Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense)

This shrub gets its name from the interesting flower petals that are fine and loose like a fringed tassel. The species is available in several forms; the foliage may be green with white or red flowers, others have burgundy-tinged foliage and ruby-red flowers. All types are evergreen…

Chinese Juniper

Chinese Juniper 'Angelica Blue' (Juniperus chinensis)

Lush sprays of blue-green foliage provide great year-round color. Adds a wonderful glow to the nighttime garden as the silver-tinted foliage softly reflects surrounding light. Very durable for hot locations and tolerates poor soil and drought.

Chinese Juniper

Chinese Juniper 'Blue Point' (Juniperus chinensis)

Outstanding pyramidal form and blue-green foliage add instant structure and a designer flair to the landscape. This evergreen selection is perfect for planting in a row to define an area, create a privacy screen, provide a background to a mixed flower garden, or simply to block an…

Chinese Juniper

Chinese Juniper 'Daub's Frosted' (Juniperus chinensis)

A soft-textured, feathery-branched juniper that produces golden new growth that matures to blue-green over time. This is a low, spreading variety that provides year-round interest and a chance to get creative with large-scale color in the landscape. Evergreen shrub provides color…

Chinese Juniper

Chinese Juniper 'Fairview' (Juniperus chinensis)

This narrow, pyramidal shrub is easy to maintain because no pruning is needed. The handsome, evergreen foliage provides interest year 'round. This is an ideal selection for planting in a row to define an area, create a privacy screen, provide a background to a mixed flower garden, or…

Chinese Juniper

Chinese Juniper Gold Coast® (Juniperus chinensis)

Year-round color and a bright touch in the winter landscape. The gracefully arched branches are rich green with golden new growth. Terrific for getting creative with color on a large scale. Looks great with other gold-toned shrubs or flowers in the summer. Very durable for hot…