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Pot Mum

Pot Mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

One of the most popular plants available for providing long-lasting flowers to enjoy indoors or on porches and patios. Often sold as a gift plant because they are so easy to care for. The wide array of colors and flower forms insure there is a shade to suit just about any indoor…

Potted Herbs Indoors

Potted Herbs Indoors

Herbs are often attractive, easy care and quick growing. Many have scents to their leaves and/or blooms and multiple uses. Herbs have been used for cooking and medicinal purposes for thousands of years and these uses continue, though modern gardeners mainly grow herbs for culinary…

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura)

This plant gets its common name "Prayer Plant" because the leaves fold closed at night similar to a pair of praying hands. Colorful foliage adds a decorator touch to any room. Can also be grown outdoors during warm weather on a shaded porch, balcony or patio.

Prayer Plant, Rose-Painted Calathea

Prayer Plant, Rose-Painted Calathea (Calathea roseopicta)

Calatheas come in a remarkable assortment of color blends ranging from green tones to burgundy and silver shades. The plant gets its common name "Prayer Plant" because the leaves on most selections fold closed at night similar to a pair of praying hands. A wonderful foliage plant…

Prickly Pear, Opuntia Cactus Indoors

Prickly Pear, Opuntia Cactus Indoors (Opuntia species)

Possibly one of the most familiar groups of cacti. Opuntia cacti are formed by flattened stems called “pads” that create a fun, hodgepodge-effect as new pads emerge in random directions. They are native to sunny, hot, dry regions throughout North and South America. Opuntias grown…

Primrose Indoors

Primrose Indoors (Primula acaulis)

Primroses are a welcome sight in the spring landscape. Their vivid colors and delicate fragrance are a promise that spring has really arrived!

Purple Inch Plant, Wandering Jew Indoors

Purple Inch Plant, Wandering Jew Indoors 'Purpusii' (Zebrina pendula)

A trailing plant with deep purple-bronze leaves and a tolerance for low to bright light. A wonderful companion to green-leafed, upright growing plants. Display where the stems can hang or trail freely.

Purple Velvet Plant Indoors

Purple Velvet Plant Indoors 'Purple Passion' (Gynura aurantiaca)

A fascinating trailing plant that produces deep green leaves covered with fine purple hairs. The whole plant seems to glow purple! Prune back older foliage occasionally to encourage more colorful new growth. Mature plants may produce orange flowers in the spring. The blooms have an…

Purple Waffle Plant Indoors

Purple Waffle Plant Indoors (Hemigraphis alternata)

Colorful trailing plant produces rich purple-tinted foliage with a crinkly look similar to the texture of a waffle. An easy to grow, low maintenance selection that adds a colorful, decorator touch to any room or office. Native to the tropical regions of Indonesia and India.

Rabbit's Foot Fern

Rabbit's Foot Fern (Davallia fajeensis)

A lush easy to grow fern that will thrive even in low light. Watering can be reduced in winter, but soil should not be allowed to dry out. The finely divided fronds of this fern pair well with houseplants having broader leaves. It also looks great solo, filling empty corners,…