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Annual Euphorbia

Annual Euphorbia (Euphorbia species)

Annual Euphorbia is an excellent choice for challenging situations. It can tolerate exceptionally hot, dry conditions where other plants would fail. Most Euphorbia flowers are not showy, however the modified leaves surrounding the tiny blooms (called bracts) can be a source of…

Annual Ice Plant

Annual Ice Plant (Delosperma congesta)

Delosperma bring a long-lasting display of bright, daisy-like blooms to the most challenging of hot, dry planting sites. The fleshy, mat forming foliage sparkles in the sunlight providing a rich backdrop for the blooms and a softening effect to the harsh surroundings it thrives in.

Annual Ornamental Grass

Annual Ornamental Grass

A perfect combination of dramatic form, texture with almost no maintenance required. Ornamental grasses are a gardener’s dream! Grasses also add a dimension of sound and movement to the garden as the long, loose foliage shifts and rustles in the breeze. An excellent focal-point for…

Apple Mint

Apple Mint (Mentha suaveolens)

Apple-scented foliage with a hint of mint is a fragrant addition to the garden. Whorls of purple blooms in summer are an added bonus. Attracts bees and butterflies to the garden.

Arabian Jasmine Indoors

Arabian Jasmine Indoors (Jasminum sambac)

Even though the flowers are small, the scent of Arabian Jasmine can fill a room when this plant is in full bloom. This is a beautiful vining plant with large, glossy leaves. White flowers may appear throughout the year.

Can be moved outdoors during warm weather and placed in a…

Arctic Campion, Autumn Catchfly, Moss Campion

Arctic Campion, Autumn Catchfly, Moss Campion (Silene schafta)

A reliable garden favorite. Provides an abundance of brightly colored blooms all season long. These unique plants are sure to attract attention!

Arctotis, African Daisy

Arctotis, African Daisy (Arctotis hybrid)

Don’t let the dainty beauty of this plant fool you, this is a rugged selection perfect for novice gardeners or anyone seeking a low-maintenance landscape. Arctotis originates in the hot, dry regions of South Africa and brings the benefits of its tolerance to harsh conditions to the…

Arctotis, African Daisy

Arctotis, African Daisy (Arctotis venusta)

Also known as “Blue-eyed African Daisy” because of the glowing blue flower centers. This dainty but durable plant offers a season-long display of white flowers that bring a cool feeling to sunny, arid locations. Arctotis originates in the hot, dry regions of South Africa and…


Artemisia 'Powis Castle' (Artemisia arborescens)

Outstanding selection for difficult sunny, dry locations. The silvery fern-like foliage softens and cools the landscape and adds a touch of fragrance with its lightly aromatic leaves. The plant has a shrubby habit but can be pruned to maintain the desired size and shape.

Asian Eggplant

Asian Eggplant 'Ping Tung Long' (Solanum melongena)

A beautiful, mild-flavored variety from Pingtung, Taiwan. Provides large harvests of slender, violet-purple eggplants, even in summer’s heat and humidity. Harvest as early as 8” (20cm) for stir-frying.

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