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Alchemilla, Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla, Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis)

Bright yellow flowers are held high above lush, fan-shaped leaves. The foliage adds interest even when the plant is not in bloom. Easy-care plant stylishly accents other bright colors.

Algerian Ivy

Algerian Ivy (Hedera canariensis)

This fast growing ivy makes a terrific ground cover for frost-free climates. It’s native to temperate regions of North Africa and the Canary Islands but is now found in tropical regions throughout the world. Plants attach to surfaces with tiny rootlets so they’re great for…

Allwood Pinks

Allwood Pinks 'Alpinus' (Dianthus x allwoodii)

One of the best plants for adding lasting color to hot, dry situations. An excellent companion to taller and broader leafed plants in the rock garden. Good soil drainage, year round, is essential.

Aloe Yucca

Aloe Yucca (Yucca aloifolia)

Spiky clumps of narrow foliage add great texture and form to the landscape. This is a rugged plant, well suited for harsh, dry conditions where other plants might fail. Dense spikes of white flowers are followed by small fruits that provide a nice treat for birds. Through history the…

Alpine Alyssum, Madwort

Alpine Alyssum, Madwort (Alyssum wulfenianum)

A long-lasting display of brilliant yellow blooms perfect for sunny, dry, or infertile planting sites. A simple pruning after the blooms finish is the only attention it needs.

Alpine Baby's Breath

Alpine Baby's Breath (Gypsophila cerastoides)

Mat-forming, semi-evergreen selection. Produces dainty white to lilac flowers with contrasting pink veins. Normally blooms in late spring and early summer.

Alpine Forget-me-not

Alpine Forget-me-not (Myosotis alpestris)

A dainty yet rugged plant with so much charm and appeal it was selected as the state flower of Alaska. Thrives in open, rocky places that resemble its native alpine habitat. In the wild, Alpine Forget-me-nots establish themselves most happily in sunny, open meadows. This plant…

Alpine Liverwort

Alpine Liverwort (Erinus alpinus)

A lovely creeping mat of soft foliage that is ideal for rock gardens, crevices, or troughs that mimic its natural growing conditions in mountainous regions of North Africa and Europe. Foliage is covered by starry little flowers in spring. Allow flowers to go to seed to insure…

Alpine Pink

Alpine Pink (Dianthus alpinus)

A mounded cushion of needle-like foliage provides a dark green backdrop for an abundance summer blooms. This native of the Alps is an excellent companion to taller and broader leafed plants in the rock garden. Good soil drainage, year round, is essential.

Alpine Poppy

Alpine Poppy (Papaver alpinum)

Wonderful refreshment in the heat of summer! Delicate, saucer-like blooms and fine textured foliage contrast beautifully with the harshness of Alpine Poppies' favored growing sites. Perfect for dry, less fertile soils that mimic that of their native mountain habitat.

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