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Autumn Fern Indoors

Autumn Fern Indoors (Dryopteris erythrosora)

The Autumn Fern gets its name because its fronds take on beautiful autumn-like coloration in both spring and autumn. Fern’s soft texture and graceful form lend a peaceful feeling to any setting. A great choice for adding a natural touch to a porch, patio or deck as well.

Azalea Tree

Azalea Tree (Rhododendron hybrid)

All of the great features prized in traditional Florist Azaleas but with a twist. Tree Azaleas provide the same glossy foliage and lush, colorful blooms as regular Azaleas but on a plant that has been groomed into a small tree form. A wonderful gift idea for gardening friends who…

Baby's Tears Indoors

Baby's Tears Indoors (Soleirolia soleirolii)

From a distance Baby’s Tears could easily be confused for moss, its low habit and dense mat of dainty little leaves cover the ground like a carpet. Its delicate charm conceals a surprisingly rugged plant. Baby’s tears grow very quickly, and look charming trailing over the edge of…

Begonia Indoors

Begonia Indoors (Begonia)

Begonias are usually grown outdoors but they can also be potted and used as a decorative accent in bright locations indoors. Most Begonia species have attractive, ornamental foliage as well as interesting, colorful flowers. Use them to bring a refreshing garden feel to any room!

Bellflower Indoors

Bellflower Indoors (Campanula hybrid)

Create a relaxing, cottage-garden feeling indoors. The charming bell-shaped blooms of Campanula have long been a garden classic. Mix with pastels to create a cool, relaxing feeling or go for a bold contrast with bright orange or yellow-bloomed companions. Plant in the garden when…

Bird's Nest Fern

Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus)

Less ferny than many of its relatives, the species nidus has long, broad leaves with wavy edges rather than finely cut fronds. A beautiful bit of green décor for bathrooms as it does well in the humidity common there.

Blue Star Fern, Gold Foot Fern

Blue Star Fern, Gold Foot Fern (Phlebodium aureum)

A large fern with sturdy, arching fronds that does well in bright light indoors, or full sun to dappled shade outdoors. Ferns bring pleasing texture and a sense of movement to arrangements of broad-leaved houseplants. Perfect for filling and softening corners or accenting entryways.

Bolivian Jew Indoors

Bolivian Jew Indoors (Callisia repens)

A vigorous, easy to grow houseplant with a trailing growth habit. Place where the vines can fall freely or trail along a shelf for the best effect. Very low maintenance.



More than any other houseplant, Bonsai "bring the outdoors in" with their skillful miniature recreations of landscapes and ancient trees. You can almost feel the breezes blowing and hear the leaves rustling!

Boston Fern Indoors

Boston Fern Indoors (Nephrolepis exaltata)

Boston Ferns are a top houseplant choice for their lush foliage that looks great with any décor. They thrive on humidity, so daily misting in winter months and a gravel and water-filled saucer beneath the pot in warmer months are highly recommended.

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