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Asparagus 'Purple Passion' (Asparagus officinalis)

‘Purple Passion’ has a more tender texture than green varieties and has about 20% more sugar content. This gives the spears a slightly milder, nutty flavor. There are none of the strings found in green asparagus that tend to make them tough so this is an asparagus that can be…


Asparagus 'UC 157 F2' (Asparagus officinalis)

The unusual variety name of this Asparagus is actually the reference number name used by the University of California Davis researchers during the development of this outstanding hybrid. ‘UC 157 F2’ is one of the most popular varieties in the world. Plants display excellent…

Autumn Squash

Autumn Squash (Cucurbita species)

Autumn squash are available in a fascinating array of shapes and hues. The sweet flesh is typically golden or orange in color and brings a welcome summer glow to autumn meals. Squash can be stored all winter and are a great source of vitamin A.

Baby Bell Pepper

Baby Bell Pepper BellaFina® (Capsicum annuum)

BellaFina® plants produce a large crop of fruits that are each a perfect single-size portion (a third of the size of a traditional Bell Pepper). Collect the Peppers when they are yellow or if you're patient, wait for them to ripen to orange or red before picking. These smaller…

Baby Broccoli, Stem Broccoli

Baby Broccoli, Stem Broccoli 'Artwork' (Brassica oleracea italica)

A gourmet baby Broccoli with slender stems that have a delicious flavor. Harvest the central Broccoli crown when it's 1" (3cm). This encourages a longer season of harvest and higher yield of side shoots. 'Artwork' resists the effects of warm weather, which causes the plant to bolt…

Baby Lima Bush Beans

Baby Lima Bush Beans 'Henderson' (Phaseolus lunatus)

An early-maturing variety, ideal for regions with a short growing season. This heirloom variety was introduced in the 1889 and remains a time-tested favorite. Produces an abundance of buttery-flavored “baby” lima beans. Each pod contains 3-4 beans and the plants provide a steady…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Banana peppers get their name from their color and shape which resemble that of a banana. There are both hot and sweet varieties of banana peppers available. All are easy to grow and delicious eaten fresh, in cooking, or pickled.

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Ethem' (Capsicum annuum)

This banana-type Pepper develops particularly large fruits with a mild, sweet taste. Expect the plant to yield a continuous supply of vitamin C-packed Peppers. Home gardeners should consider planting a sampling of different Pepper types in addition to this selection, such as sweet…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Hot Sunset' (Capsicum hybrid)

This pepper lives up to its "sunset" name and matures from yellow to orange and eventually red, plus the fruits have a delicious, spicy flavor. Through growing trials across the U.S., this pepper is recognized for grow especially well in the Southeast, Heartland, and Great Lakes…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Sweet Banana' (Capsicum annuum)

A gardener’s favorite for decades, recognized in 1941 by All America Selections for outstanding performance and flavor. 'Sweet Banana’ produces long, sweet peppers that mature from yellow to red. Banana peppers get their name from their golden color and long, narrow shape that…

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