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Annual Geranium

Annual Geranium (Pelargonium)

Pelargonium of many species are popular choices for their colorful flower clusters, attractive foliage and ease of care over a very long flowering period. Excellent companions to perennials or annuals, they can be overwintered inside where not hardy. Species that are considered…

Annual Hibiscus

Annual Hibiscus (Hibiscus species)

Big, bold blooms create an instant tropical feel. Plant in the garden or pot up several plants to create vibrant focal points around a deck, patio or pool. Sure to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.

Annual Ice Plant

Annual Ice Plant (Delosperma congesta)

Delosperma bring a long-lasting display of bright, daisy-like blooms to the most challenging of hot, dry planting sites. The fleshy, mat forming foliage sparkles in the sunlight providing a rich backdrop for the blooms and a softening effect to the harsh surroundings it thrives in.

Annual Iris

Annual Iris (Iris hybrid)

Iris are easily recognized by their unique flower form and distinctive sword-like foliage. The name "Iris" comes from the Greek word for rainbow. In Greek mythology the goddess, Iris, was said to travel on rainbows delivering messages between the gods and the earthly world.

Annual Ivy

Annual Ivy (Hedera helix)

Beautiful, fast growing ivy available in a range of color variations and leaf shapes. A great groundcover for small spaces. The solid green form makes a nice background for taller plants or select a variegated variety to create lively color contrasts. The spreading habit is ideal for…

Annual Mum

Annual Mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

A burst of color for containers or in the garden bed. Foliage forms a dense bushy mound covered with flowers over a long period of time. Excellent for adding new dimension and color to the landscape in late summer and fall when many plants may be getting tired and leggy.

Annual Ornamental Grass

Annual Ornamental Grass

A perfect combination of dramatic form, texture with almost no maintenance required. Ornamental grasses are a gardener’s dream! Grasses also add a dimension of sound and movement to the garden as the long, loose foliage shifts and rustles in the breeze. An excellent focal-point for…

Annual Phlox

Annual Phlox (Phlox drummondii)

Phlox drummondii varieties vary in height and overall growth habit, but all offer a proliferation blooms over a long season. A beautiful range of bloom colors is available, making it easy to find a variety with the perfect size, habit and color for any planting situation.



Flowering annuals add a bright touch to any landscape setting. Provides an abundance of brightly colored blooms all season long. Easy to grow and very rewarding.

Annual Salvia

Annual Salvia (Salvia species)

Salvia are an excellent choice for hot, sunny conditions. They can tolerate drought better than many annual plants. The flower spikes come in a variety of forms depending on the species, but all have flowers held well above the foliage and the spikes provide a nice vertical line in…

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