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Burning Bush

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus)

Let the flaming autumn foliage set your landscape on fire! Deciduous shrub with outstanding autumn color. Display improves with each passing year.

Burning Bush

Burning Bush Fire Ball® (Euonymus alatus)

Compact, easy to grow shrub provides multi-season interest. The dense foliage makes a wonderful screen or hedge for the summer, then transforms into a brilliant mass of cherry red leaves in the fall. Unique “winged” branches add a lovely texture to the winter landscape.

Bur Oak

Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa)

A slow-growing, long-lived impressive tree with the largest leaves and acorns of all the Oaks. Distinctive acorns have fringed caps. A regal specimen tree for large areas.

Bush Clover

Bush Clover (Lespedeza species)

Lespedeza is an Asian native introduced into the United States in 1856. It remains a popular plant for large-scale erosion control and restoration of areas disturbed by mining or oil operations. Hybrid ornamental varieties are beautiful, carefree additions to the landscape. Shrubs…

Bush Morning Glory, Silverbush

Bush Morning Glory, Silverbush (Convolvulus cneorum)

Bush Morning Glory is a glowing presence in the garden. The soft, silvery foliage forms a perfect rounded mound that brings a strong architectural form to the landscape. The color looks amazing contrasted with bright flowers or dark-leaved plants. In late spring the plant is…


Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)

Glossy green leaves appear later than most shrubs. Rounded white flowers are followed by small fruit which remain throughout winter. Attracts butterflies. Thrives in constantly wet areas where most plants would fail.

Cactus Outdoors

Cactus Outdoors

The distinctive shapes and textures of cacti provide unique, architectural structure in the landscape. A great solution for arid situations in locations that don't get severe frosts. The broad palette of heights and colors offers lots of creative options for filling in spots where…


Calamondin (Citrus mitis)

A gorgeous plant grown as much for its ornamental appeal as it's tangy fruits. Calamondin produces deliciously fragrant white flowers followed by loads of tiny fruit. The fruits have orange flesh and are wonderful for slicing and flavoring beverages, using in preserves or adding to…

California Lilac

California Lilac (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus)

A vigorous, upright species of Ceanothus with large clusters of blooms. Its beautifully arching stems and evergreen leaves bring beauty to the landscape long after the spring blooms have faded.

California Lilac Hybrids

California Lilac Hybrids (Ceanothus Hybrid)

Ceanothus are loved for their grape-like clusters of blooms and are an excellent choice for planting en masse or as a solo specimen. They come in a many varieties with sizes ranging from large to compact and growth habits from upright to prostrate.