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Freesia (Freesia hybrid)

A very familiar flower used in the floral trade for cut arrangements that is incredibly easy to grow in the home garden too! The charming, tubular flowers have a rich, sweet fragrance that has been a prized ingredient in perfumes for centuries. The wonderful scent can be enjoyed in…

French Marigold

French Marigold (Tagetes patula)

French Marigolds have smaller blooms than African Marigolds making them perfect for edging and containers. Their texture is the perfect compliment to broad leaf and trailing companion plants. Removing spent blooms will assure the most prolific flowering.


Fuchsia (Fuchsia hybrid)

Fuchsia's dangling blooms are well-loved by gardeners and hummingbirds. Brings grace, color and and a touch of old-fashioned charm to the garden. Growth habits from upright to trailing make it easy to find a Fuchsia suited to baskets, beds or containers.

Full Sun

Full Sun

Flowering annuals add a bright touch to any landscape setting. Provides an abundance of brightly colored blooms all season long. Easy to grow and very rewarding.

Ganges Primrose, Chinese Violet

Ganges Primrose, Chinese Violet (Asystasia gangetica)

This plant is a native of India, Malaysia, and Africa so it adapts well to most warm climates. Spreads quickly to form a dense groundcover perfect for covering large areas or slopes. Produces dainty trumpet-shaped flowers in lavender or creamy white depending on the variety. Prune…

Garden Purslane

Garden Purslane (Portulaca oleracea)

Fleshy, but oval shaped leaves resemble plump little pancakes! They cover trailing stems and provide an attractive nest for the bright blooms that rest atop them. Carefree color for poor soil and hot, dry situations.


Gazania (Gazania hybrid)

Durable plants for poor conditions! Compact plants produce bright, daisy-like flowers held on short stems. The blooms close at night and reopen with sunshine.


Geranium (Pelargonium grandiflorum)

A gorgeous Geranium species that produces large, lush flower clusters in an array of color combinations. Plant foliage is very ornamental and slightly resembles grape leaves. Evergreen in regions with mild winters; they can be grown as house plants through the winter where not hardy.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)

Daisy-like blooms atop sturdy stems make Gerbera an excellent choice for bringing color and definition to plantings. The blooms are also long-lasting as cut flowers. Color selection ranges from pastel to sunny bright.

German Ivy, Cape Ivy

German Ivy, Cape Ivy (Senecio mikanioides)

An evergreen climber in its native South Africa, German Ivy is popular as an annual vine and houseplant. The lush, glossy foliage is similar in appearance to English Ivy and works well as a filler in annual combinations, or solo trailing from a hanging basket. Provide bright light…