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Breath of Heaven, Diosma

Breath of Heaven, Diosma (Coleonema pulchrum)

Diosma produces loose sprays of fragrant, needle-like foliage that adds a relaxing, casual feel to the garden. The foliage is especially beautiful in late winter when it is sprinkled with dainty little flowers. A rugged plant that tolerates windy, coastal situations and a good…

Bridalwreath Spirea

Bridalwreath Spirea (Spiraea prunifolia)

Beautifully arching branches are blanketed in clusters of white blooms for several weeks each spring. The dense foliage provides the perfect backdrop for perennials or smaller shrubs and greets autumn with hues of yellow to red.

Broad Leaf Evergreen

Broad Leaf Evergreen

Broadleaf evergreens have attractive foliage year round and are an excellent substitute for, or companion to, evergreens with needles. Many have attractive flowers and berries, and most grow well in shade.

Broadmoor Juniper

Broadmoor Juniper 'Broadmoor' (Juniperus sabina)

A low-growing selection with horizontal tiers of gray-green foliage. This tough selection withstands drought and city conditions. Evergreen shrub provides color throughout the year.

Bronx Forsythia, Greenstem Forsythia

Bronx Forsythia, Greenstem Forsythia 'Bronxensis' (Forsythia viridissima)

A fast growing, low, spreading Forsythia native to Asia. Especially beautiful in the spring when the branches are covered with bright yellow flowers. Displays good drought tolerance once established and is a useful groundcover for slopes where erosion control is needed.

Broom, Silky Leaf Woodwaxen

Broom, Silky Leaf Woodwaxen (Genista pilosa)

This mat forming to mounding shrub transitions the garden from late spring into summer with its dainty blooms. The dense foliage and spreading habit make this European native a perfect filler for areas with sandy, gravelly soils.

Buddha's Belly Bambo

Buddha's Belly Bambo (Bambusa ventricosa)

Non-invasive, clump-forming bamboo native to China. Stems produce unusual fattened stem segments that resemble the roundness of a Buddha’s belly, hence the common name for this plant, “Buddha’s belly bamboo”. The swollen stem segments are more pronounced when the plant is…

Buffalo Juniper

Buffalo Juniper 'Buffalo' (Juniperus sabina)

Beautiful spreading mass of emerald-green foliage creates a carefree groundcover for challenging situations. This tough selection withstands drought, salt, and city conditions.

Bumald Spirea

Bumald Spirea 'Dart's Red' (Spiraea x bumalda)

Extremely hardy, versatile and low maintenance shrub. Produces a sea of deep pink flower clusters in the spring that attracts a variety of butterflies and beneficial insects. Foliage turns shades of red to purple in autumn providing multi-season interest.

Bumald Spirea

Bumald Spirea (Spiraea x bumalda)

Bumalda and its hybrids offer varying leaf color from Spring through autumn and an abundance of bloom clusters ranging in color from white to deep pink. A light pruning after flowering will encourage more blooms. Pairs attractively with evergreens and broad-leaved perennials. Also…