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Boxwood (Buxus species)

Boxwood are prized for their dense, evergreen foliage and their tolerance of pruning. Among the many varieties available foliage varies from deep green to variegated and size and growth habits can be found to suit any garden setting.


Boxwood Chicagoland Green® (Buxus hybrid)

Handsome small-leaved shrub with a dense, compact, spreading habit. Foliage is deep green and persists all year. Retains its green color in winter very well. A very cold hardy selection.


Boxwood 'Franklin's Gem' (Buxus microphylla var. sinica)

A petit, slow-growing evergreen shrub perfect for adding year-round color to flower borders or placed in the foreground of taller shrubs. Spring blooms are not showy but attract a variety of beneficial pollinating insects. The perfect size for small space gardens.


Boxwood 'Green Gem' (Buxus microphylla)

Easy-to-grow shrub provides year 'round appeal in the landscape. Features a natural rounded shape, which requires minimal pruning. Deep green foliage retains color through winter.


Boxwood 'Green Mound' (Buxus hybrid)

A charming dwarf variety perfect for small-space gardens. The rounded shape adds a fun, sculptural quality to the landscape. This is an exceptionally cold-tolerant variety. It’s a slow-grower, requires minimal care, and can be pruned freely to maintain the desired shape and size.


Boxwood 'Green Mountain' (Buxus hybrid)

A rich green, upright variety with a subtle pyramidal form. 'Green Mountain' is a fast grower suitable for hedges or screens when results are needed quickly. Prune freely to maintain the desired size and shape. This is a good variety for shaping into a topiary.

Boxwood Hebe, Mountain Box

Boxwood Hebe, Mountain Box (Hebe buxifolia)

Clusters of white blooms cool and soften summer plantings. A native of New Zeeland, Hebe buxifolia thrives with little care if placed to limit exposure to cold, drying winds. Its glossy, evergreen foliage pairs well with shrubs or perennials. Also known as Hebe odora, Hebe anomala.


Boxwood japonica (Buxus microphylla)

One of the most popular evergreen shrubs for creating hedge rows or planting along a foundation. Boxwoods require very little maintenance and the small, dense foliage always has a tidy appearance. This is also a very popular shrub for trimming into different shapes and whimsical…


Boxwood 'Wintergreen' (Buxus microphylla)

'Wintergreen' is a wonderful, carefree boxwood cultivar. The dainty foliage and compact size are perfect for smaller gardens and containers. The shrub has a naturally dense, rounded habit and should rarely require pruning to maintain a tidy shape. Makes a nice short hedge or…

Brandon Cedar

Brandon Cedar 'Brandon' (Thuja occidentalis)

A tough, but beautiful upright growing evergreen, 'Brandon' works well with other evergreens or as a focal point amongst mixed perennials. Dense, feathery foliage and a pyramidal shape combine in casual elegance.