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Dwarf Iris Indoors

Dwarf Iris Indoors (Iris reticulata)

Iris have a timeless charm and elegance. Their unique flower form has an artistic, sculptural appeal as well. Adds a refreshing, natural feeling to any room and looks great grouped with other blooming or tropical plants.

Italian Stone Pine Indoors

Italian Stone Pine Indoors (Pinus pinea)

A charming conifer that brings the feel of a pine forest indoors. In nature this tree is found all along the Mediterranean coastline. In a home it’s a beautiful decorative accent near a sunny window or placed outdoors on a patio, deck or balcony.

Ivy Indoors

Ivy Indoors (Hedera helix)

A trailing houseplant popular for its beauty, toughness and adaptability. Foliage shape varies among varieties from the traditional to cross-like or even bird foot shapes. Many varieties also have variegation of white to gold, perfect for brightening corners and shelves. Easily…

Ixora Indoors

Ixora Indoors (Ixora coccinea)

Ixora are easy to grow indoors if placed in a warm, sunny location near a window or glass doors. Often referred to as Jungle Geranium for the round bloom clusters that resemble those of annual geraniums. This plant has dark glossy foliage that looks good even when the long-blooming…

Jade Plant Indoors

Jade Plant Indoors (Crassula ovata)

This easy to grow succulent produces fleshy leaves on thick branches that combine into a lovely tree-like form. In bright light, leaf edges may tinge red. This is a great plant for anyone wanting a low-maintenance plant or who is inexperienced with houseplants. Jade can tolerate…

Jasmine Indoors

Jasmine Indoors (Jasminum polyanthum)

The intoxicating fragrance of jasmine will fill the room when this plant is in full bloom. The dainty star-like, white and pink-tinged flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. Place on the deck or patio during warm weather to enjoy these charming visitors. This is a…

Jerusalem Cherry

Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum)

A very festive plant that produces a steady stream of round red fruit. Very decorative for special occasions or just to add a burst of color to a room. Note that this plant is for ornamental use only. The fruits are poisonous and not edible. Care should be taken to keep the plant out…

Kalanchoe Hybrid  Indoors

Kalanchoe Hybrid Indoors Calandiva® (Kalanchoe hybrid)

Calandiva® are wonderful houseplants for bringing autumn and winter blooms into the home. Clusters of many-petaled, dainty blooms are displayed in abundance amongst wonderfully glossy, succulent leaves. These low care beauties thrive on bright light and minimal water. Outdoors this…

Kalanchoe Indoors

Kalanchoe Indoors (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)

Kalanchoe's many species are popular indoors and out for their ease of care, low water requirements and attractive, succulent leaves. Locating them in a warm, brightly lit location will assure the added bonus of dainty blooms.

Kalanchoe Indoors

Kalanchoe Indoors (Kalanchoe species)

A fascinating group of succulent plants, Kalanchoes are available in a diverse array of shapes, textures and sizes. Many are grown mainly for their attractive foliage. All are easy to care for and tolerate some neglect. A perfect choice for anyone new to plants or those who seeking…