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Duranta, Sky Flower

Duranta, Sky Flower (Duranta repens)

Large, sweetly fragrant, violet-blue bloom. Vining, spreading or arching habit. The flowers attract butterflies, and birds will enjoy feeding on the attractive golden-yellow berries. Plants sold as Duranta repens are actually classified as Duranta erecta and these are the same plant…

Duranta, Sky Flower

Duranta, Sky Flower 'Gold Mound' (Duranta repens)

Glowing compact mounds of golden-yellow foliage make this one the best plants around for creating a dramatic contrast with dark foliage plants or colorful blooming annuals. Duranta has excellent heat and drought tolerance. Incredibly beautiful and virtually carefree!

Duranta, Sky Flower

Duranta, Sky Flower 'Sweet Memory' (Duranta erecta)

A show stopping display of flowers and fruit all summer long! Gracefully arched branches are ornamented with dangling clusters of violet-blue flowers edged with white. Blooms are followed by bright golden-yellow berries. The combination of flowers and berries make this an…

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller (Centaurea cineraria)

A versatile plant prized for its silvery foliage and exceptional tolerance to heat and drought. The finely-cut foliage adds texture and dramatic contrast when planted among green-foliage plants and bright flowers. Small blooms appear in summer. Removing the flower stalks as they…

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller 'Silver Dust' (Artemisia stelleriana)

Silvery, almost white foliage is finely cut. Wonderfully textured leaves look great all season long. Tolerates hot, dry conditions.

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller 'Silver Lace' (Artemisia stelleriana)

Feathery, silvery-white leaves are a real stand-out in the landscape. Perfect for challenging hot locations near pavement or between building foundations and walks. Easy-care plant stylishly accents other bright colors.

Dusty Miller, Silver Ragwort

Dusty Miller, Silver Ragwort (Senecio cineraria)

The cineraria species brings cool contrast to any planting with its downy, silvery foliage. Some varieties have leaves with notched edges and many have intricately cut, fern-like foliage. The tiny hairs on the leaves, that give them their softness and color, are the key to their heat…

Dwarf African Marigold

Dwarf African Marigold (Tagetes erecta)

The same bold color and lush blooms as standard African Marigolds but in a dwarf, compact size. Their texture is the perfect complement to broad leaf and trailing companion plants. Removing faded flowers will encourage continuous blooming.

Dwarf Celosia

Dwarf Celosia (Celosia plumosa)

A charming, compact version of larger varieties but with the same brilliant color range that makes Celosia stand out among other garden flowers. The fluffy flower plumes can last as long as eight weeks making them a great choice for providing continuous color for containers or in the…

Dwarf Chenille Plant, Firetail

Dwarf Chenille Plant, Firetail (Acalypha pendula)

A charming plant that just begs to be touched! The flowers look more like big pink fuzzy caterpillars than blooms. It’s an irresistible combination of fun and the exotic all wrapped into one.