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Black Hills Spruce

Black Hills Spruce 'Densata' (Picea glauca)

Evergreen selection with gray, scaly bark, white shoots and light brown cones. Conical habit is very ornamental. Slow growing.

Black Locust, False Acacia

Black Locust, False Acacia 'Purple Robe' (Robinia pseudoacacia)

This fast-growing Locust tree, 2' (.6m) per year, is adaptable to most soil types and moisture levels. Dangling dark rose flowers adorn the branches from late spring to early summer and are extremely fragrant. As the leaves first emerge they have a pretty burgundy color. A high…

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry 'Bristol Black' (Rubus Hybrid)

A long-time favorite Black Raspberry variety. Large, firm, black berries are very sweet and mild. The compact, sturdy canes do not require staking. Fruit ripens in midsummer.

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry 'Cumberland' (Rubus idaeus)

One of the most popular blackberry varieties. Produces an abundance of large sweet berries mid-season. Particularly good for freezing and canning.

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry Prime Ark® (Rubus Hybrid)

Exceptionally good variety for regions with cooler summers. The berries are small to medium in size but big on sweet flavor. In fact, these are some of the sweetest blackberries available. Plants are prolific and produce high yields in late summer. Protected under U.S. Plant Patent…

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry Prime Jan® (Rubus Hybrid)

The tasty fruit is firm with a rich wild Blackberry flavor. Extra sweet when picked mature from your garden. Self pollinating. Fruit ripens in midsummer. Protected under U.S. Plant Patent #16989.

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry (Rubus Hybrid)

Often confused with Blackberries, the Black Raspberry is unique and produces a sweet flavor that is distinctly different from Red Raspberries or Blackberries. Plants are just as easy to grow, though. Like their berry cousins, they are native to North America with good tolerance to a…

Black Twig Dogwood

Black Twig Dogwood 'Kesselringii' (Cornus alba)

A most unusual dogwood with dark foliage and deep purplish black stems. Flat clusters of white flowers appear in spring followed by attractive white berries for the wild birds to enjoy. Foliage turns red to purple in the fall. After the leaves drop the dark stems become a great…

Black Walnut

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)

This majestic tree develops delicious edible nuts, encased by a round fruit. It may take 4-6 years for the tree to produce nuts but it's worth the wait since they are excellent for use in any recipe that calls for walnuts. The lustrous, dark green leaves are fragrant when crushed.…

Black, Yellow, White or Green Locust, False Acacia

Black, Yellow, White or Green Locust, False Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Also known as black, common, white or yellow locust. By any name, it is a quick growing tree adaptable to most soil types and moisture levels. Named varieties have a neater appearance than the straight species and offer a range of bloom and foliage colors. Bees make a tasty honey…