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Wine Grape

Wine Grape 'Riesling' (Vitis vinifera)

This old German grape variety has been popular for centuries and remains the source of some of the world’s finest white wines. The vigorous vines adapt to most soils and are exceptionally cold tolerant. Dense cluster of green grapes mature late in the season.

Wine Grape

Wine Grape 'Sauvignon Blanc' (Vitis vinifera)

An old variety native to the Bordeaux region of France. The light green grapes are famous for producing white wines with light, crisp, dry flavor. Plant is self-fertile. Grapes mature late in the season and have seeds.

Wine Grape

Wine Grape 'Vidal' (Vitis hybrid)

A French-American hybrid introduced in the 1930’s by Jean Louis Vidal. This is an exceptionally cold-hardy variety, very popular for growing in Northern regions. This is a vigorous vine that produces clusters of medium-sized, green grapes mid to late in the season.

Wine Grape

Wine Grape 'Zinfandel' (Vitis vinifera)

This is a very old, multi-use grape variety, perfect for making wine or eating fresh. It is one of the most popular grapes grown in North America and the source of “White Zinfandel” wine. The purple-black grapes are have seeds and are good for eating fresh but they do have seeds.…

Winterberry Holly

Winterberry Holly 'Red Sprite' (Ilex verticillata)

A slow growing, suckering deciduous shrub. Very long-lasting, bright red berries are stunning in winter landscapes. Male and female plants are needed to obtain fruit. ‘Red Sprite’ is female. Plant one male winterberry for every 5-6 female shrubs.


Winterberry 'Jim Dandy' (Ilex verticillata)

Compact, slow growing, deciduous shrub that is native to marsh or woodland areas of North America. Plants are dioecious, meaning that there are male and female plants; both are needed for the female to produce lots of bright red berries. ‘Jim Dandy’ is a male and can pollinate as…


Wintercreeper 'Canadale Gold' (Euonymus fortunei)

Marvelous little evergreen that is simple to grow and very reliable. Compact plant with green and gold variegated foliage. Adds nice color and form to the winter landscape and the variegated foliage contrasts well with solid-color shrubs.


Wintercreeper 'Emerald 'n Gold' (Euonymus fortunei)

This evergreen forms a dense carpet of green and gold foliage. Leaves can have a hint of pink when exposed to cold climates. Display improves with each passing year.


Wintercreeper 'E.T. Gold' (Euonymus fortunei)

A vigorous, versatile selection with stunning variegated foliage. The perfect choice for brightening lifeless shaded areas. Prune occasionally to maintain form.


Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei)

Fortunei cultivars make up a most popular group of the Genus Euonymus, due to their spreading or low-mounding growth habits. They offer glossy summer foliage of green or variegations of green, white and yellow with many varieties shading into hues of purple to red in autumn.