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Blackberry 'Chester' (Rubus Hybrid)

This self-fruitful, thornless selection produces one crop of fruit per year and is one of the hardiest and most productive cultivars on the market. The large, very sweet fruit ripens in July and holds its firm characteristics even during hot, sunny days.

Blackberry, Marionberry

Blackberry, Marionberry 'Marion' (Rubus hybrid)

One of the most popular blackberries in the world. This hybrid, also known as “Marionberry” was introduced in 1956 by researcher George F. Waldo in a cooperative program between the USDA and Oregon State University. Marion County Oregon was the location of the testing grounds.…


Blackberry 'Navajo' (Rubus hybrid)

Introduced by the University of Arkansas, this upright shrub with its thornless, erect canes makes blackberry harvesting easy and pain free. Produces exceptionally large, juicy, high quality fruit that does not lose color due to the heat. Berries ripen in late summer.


Blackberry 'Ouachita' (Rubus fruticosus)

This self-pollinating selection was developed at the University of Arkansas. There is no need for a trellis with this variety, the thorn-free canes are quite erect and require no support. Produces an abundance of large, firm, sweet berries. Protected under U.S. Plant Patent # 17162.


Blackberry (Rubus argutus)

A rugged North American native plant prized for its delicious black berries that are perfect for eating fresh, baking or preserving. Plants provide high yields of tasty fruit. Berries start out red and turn dark purple (black) as they mature. They are sweetest when allowed to reach…


Blackberry 'Triple Crown' (Rubus Hybrid)

Since arriving on the scene in the mid-90s, 'Triple Crown' has proven itself a top-rated Blackberry cultivar with its heavy production of flavorful berries. Another bonus of this thornless selection is it's easier to harvest without receiving scratches or cuts. The berries may be…

Black Birch, River Birch

Black Birch, River Birch (Betula nigra)

Attractive, exfoliating bark exposes red to brown-gray inner bark. This fast-growing species is tolerant of heat, but not drought.

Black Chokeberry

Black Chokeberry 'Autumn Magic' (Aronia melanocarpa)

Compact shrub that will put on quite a show. Glossy green leaves provide a nice contrast against white blooms in late spring. Black fruit develops in late summer and persists through winter. Outstanding red and purple foliage in autumn. Berries are edible but extremely tart if eaten…

Black Chokeberry

Black Chokeberry 'Viking' (Aronia x prunifolia)

A hardy and low maintenance shrub offering excellent flower, fruit, and foliage! White blooms are followed by deep purple, near black fruit. Brilliant red and purple autumn foliage is an added feature. Tolerant of high moisture conditions.

Black Hedging Cedar

Black Hedging Cedar 'Nigra' (Thuja occidentalis)

Slow to moderate growing evergreen with a narrow, pyramidal form that adds a great vertical line the landscape. Bright green foliage is a refreshing site in the winter landscape. Many small bird species will find the dense foliage a safe and appealing place to build nests.