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Viburnum, Arrowwood

Viburnum, Arrowwood Chicago Lustre® (Viburnum dentatum)

Dense, rounded shrub with arching branches of dark green leaves. Clusters of creamy white flowers appear in late spring. The blooms are followed by decorative blue-black fruit. Good autumn color.


Viburnum 'Spring Bouquet' (Viburnum tinus)

Rounded evergreen shrub with dark green foliage. Clusters of dark red buds open to white flowers and are followed by metallic blue fruit. Attracts birds.


Viburnum (Viburnum species)

Viburnums offer many attractive choices of leaf, flower and even fruit. Foliage ranges from glossy to heavily textured and oblong to maple-leaf shaped. Some have wonderfully scented blooms. All are easily pruned to shape and one with a growth habit and size suitable to most gardens…

Virginia Creeper, Five-Leaved Ivy

Virginia Creeper, Five-Leaved Ivy (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)

A clinging vine with attractive, maple-leaf type foliage clusters Parthenocissus provides quick coverage and beautiful autumn color. After the leaves drop, berries favored by many birds - but upsetting to human stomachs, put on a late season display.

Virginia Sweetspire

Virginia Sweetspire (Itea virginica)

Sweetspire is an incredible sight in the summer landscape; draped with long, narrow clusters of white flowers. Autumn brings a brilliant display too as the foliage turns rich shades of red. This is a very adaptable, carefree shrub that tolerates sun or shade, and just about any type…

Wax Leaf Privet

Wax Leaf Privet (Ligustrum japonicum)

Upright evergreen shrub with very dense, dark green foliage. Small creamy-white flowers bloom in midsummer. Privet takes wonderfully to pruning, so don't be afraid to go beyond a simple hedge and shape one into a fantastical specimen for a garden focal point.

Wayfaring Tree

Wayfaring Tree (Viburnum lantana)

A gorgeous Viburnum species with broad soft-gray-green foliage that always looks tidy. Produces flat clusters of small flowers in late spring, followed by small berries that eventually turn red to black. The fruit provides a treat for many types of birds. A very easy shrub to grow…

Wayfaringtree Viburnum

Wayfaringtree Viburnum 'Mohican' (Viburnum lantana)

An outstanding cultivar that was introduced by the United States National Arboretum for its superior performance and disease resistance. This is a shrub that always looks great and provides good substance and structure to borders or planted as a backdrop to flowering plants and small…

Weeping Beech

Weeping Beech 'Purple Fountain' (Fagus sylvatica)

A unique combination of color and form, sure to make this tree the center of attention. Deep purple foliage covers a cascade of “weeping” branches. The narrow, columnar form creates a sculptural effect in the landscape. A slow grower perfect for small space gardens!

Weeping Cherry

Weeping Cherry 'Pendula' (Prunus subhirtella)

Weeping cherry trees add an instant touch of artistry to the landscape. The gracefully arched branches look great in any season. In spring the tree produces a cascade of fragrant pink blooms. During the summer the soft form adds a relaxing, fluid shape in the garden. In winter, the…