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White Creeping Thyme

White Creeping Thyme 'Albus' (Thymus praecox)

A beautiful carpet of fragrant foliage covered by clusters of tiny white flowers over a long season in summer. Attracts bees and butterflies to the garden.

White Onion

White Onion (Allium cepa)

White onions have a sharp, distinct flavor that is ideal for recipes where the rich, savory flavor of onion is desired. They usually have a tender texture that is great for using fresh in salsas or sliced for sandwiches and burgers. Onions are easy and fun to grow, making them ideal…

White Onion

White Onion 'Sierra Blanca' (Allium cepa)

A deliciously sweet, mild onion. The large, uniform globes are great for slicing and wonderful for cooking or battered and fried for onion rings. ‘Sierra Blanca’ is earlier than many onions so it’s great for regions with short growing seasons or anyone who is anxious for a…

White Onion

White Onion 'Texas Sweet' (Allium cepa)

Onions are easy and fun to grow, making them ideal for beginners! A very disease resistant plant and the deliciously sweet, mild Onions store well, up to a month after being harvested. This is a short-day Onion, which means it grows best in the South because the summer and winter…

White Sage

White Sage (Salvia apiana)

A heat-loving native of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. This slow-growing sage is prized for its spectacular silvery-white aromatic foliage. Plant this fragrant beauty anywhere in the landscape where the scent can be enjoyed. Dried leaves are good for adding…

White Seed Potato

White Seed Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Growing delicious potatoes is fun and easy! Plant seed potatoes in early spring as soon as the chance of frost is past and the soil is easy to work. In 2-4 months you'll be rewarded with an abundant harvest of your very own home-grown potatoes!

White Tomato

White Tomato 'Great White' (Lycopersicon esculentum)

This tomato came into existence as a single mutation from plants grown from a packet of Orange Oxheart tomato seeds. This fortuitous fluke has resulted in a beautiful pale yellow tomato, with great size similar to a beefsteak in form and texture, with incredible fruit-like sweetness.…

White Turnip

White Turnip 'White Lady' (Brassica rapa)

A beautiful globe-shaped turnip with crisp white flesh. Harvest the globes when they are around 2.5-3” (6-8cm) for the best quality and tenderness. Store turnips in cool, dry, dark conditions to keep for future use. The greens are very nutritious and can be prepared fresh or frozen…

Winter Savory

Winter Savory (Satureja montana)

This shrubby perennial herb is similar to Summer Savory (S. hortensis), but the leaves have a sharper, more peppery flavor. Try adding leaves to dressings, herb vinegars and oils for a delightful taste. The leaves are also nice for flavoring bean and meat dishes. Sprigs of foliage…

Winter Squash

Winter Squash 'Blue Hubbard' (Cucurbita maxima)

A beautiful and delicious heirloom variety that was introduced to New England gardeners in the 1800’s. Produces high yields of blue-green fruit with sweet, deep-orange meat. The texture and flavor of the flesh are close enough to pumpkin that it can be used in the same recipes.…