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Cephalocereus Cactus Indoors

Cephalocereus Cactus Indoors (Cephalocereus species)

Best known as the “Old Man Cactus” for its soft covering of white spines that resemble the hair of an old man. These hairs actually help keep the cactus cool under the hot Mexican sun by shading its skin. Species in this genus can grow 50’ (15m) tall in their native range,…

Cereus, Monstrose Apple Cactus

Cereus, Monstrose Apple Cactus (Cereus peruvianus montrose)

This “monstrose” form of the Apple Cactus has a genetic mutation that results in an irregular texture and branching habit that gives it a fascinating sculptural quality. Apple Cactus is a nocturnal bloomer, with large, fragrant white flowers opening at night. The flowers are…

Cereus Cactus Indoors

Cereus Cactus Indoors (Cereus species)

Cereus is a large group of shrubby or treelike cacti with distinct, columnar forms. These South American natives are vigorous growers and some species can get tree-size in their natural habitat. Indoors they thrive in bright, warm locations, but take care to put Cereus in a…


Chamaesyce 'Silver Fog' (Chamaesyce hypericifolia)

Fine, silvery-gray foliage and dainty white flowers create a misty affect in the landscape. ‘Silver Fog’ has an incredibly tough character despite its soft, delicate appearance. This plant is incredibly tolerant of hot, dry conditions. Wonderful for use in containers on its own…


Chamaesyce 'Star Dust' (Chamaesyce hybrid)

Compact, mounding selection with dainty flowers. Easy-care plant stylishly accents other bright colors. Dependable color and texture looks great all season.

Cherry Pepper

Cherry Pepper 'Sweet Cherry' (Capsicum annuum)

Sweet, globe-shaped Peppers are ideal for pickling or eating fresh. Wonder when to harvest these beauties? Well, the fruit matures from dark green to bright red, and can be used in either stage. Sweet Cherry Peppers are the perfect vessel for various meats and cheeses to be stuffed…

Cherry Skullcap

Cherry Skullcap (Scutellaria suffrutescens)

This low-growing plant is incredibly tidy, carefree and versatile. Tolerates average to poor soil conditions, has good drought tolerance, has few pests, the foliage is evergreen providing winter interest, and the cheerful cherry-pink flowers are produced over a long season from…

Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato 'Solar Power' (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Delicious, nutrient-rich tomatoes loaded with three times the beta-carotene as the average tomato. Plants are the perfect size for patio planters or in upside-down Tomato planters and the vibrant yellow tomatoes are very ornamental. Indeterminate vines produce a continuous supply of…

Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato 'Sungold' (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Locate this bite-sized treat near the kitchen door! 'Sungold' produces a continuous supply of super sweet, orange-colored Tomatoes. In addition to thriving in a traditional vegetable garden bed, this variety grows well in large patio containers or in upside-down Tomato planters.…

Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato 'Sunsugar' (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Beautiful golden Cherry Tomatoes are very sweet and resist cracking. Indeterminate vines produce a continuous supply of fruit until frost. Disease resistant. Locate this bite-sized treat near the kitchen door! Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins A and C, and contain the…