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Creeping Daisy, Mini Marguerite

Creeping Daisy, Mini Marguerite (Chrysanthemum paludosum)

A carpet of charming white daisies all summer long. Looks great planted in the foreground of perennial gardens for a splash of continuous color. Can also be grown in containers on its own, or in combination with colorful annuals or perennials.

Creeping Gloxinia

Creeping Gloxinia (Lophospermum erubescens)

A stunning combination of richly textured, decorative foliage and a non-stop display of tubular flowers right up to frost. Hummingbirds and butterflies will love this vine so grow it on a trellis near a porch or patio where winged visitors can be enjoyed up close. Native to Mexico;…

Creeping Jenny, Moneywort

Creeping Jenny, Moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia)

A very popular plant for baskets and container plantings. The long trailing strands of round leaves add wonderful form and texture when planted in combination with blooming annual flowers. In the garden it forms a low, dense mat of foliage perfect for use as a groundcover. Produces…

Creeping Mexican Heather

Creeping Mexican Heather (Cuphea rosea)

Hummingbirds can’t resist the dainty little lavender flowers that cover this plant from summer through autumn. Dense mounding foliage is perfect for growing in a container or hanging basket near a patio, deck or porch where winged visitors can be enjoyed.

Creeping Wire Vine

Creeping Wire Vine (Muehlenbeckia axillaris)

A low and broad, mat-forming shrub native to New Zeeland and Australia. This species is useful as a vine for filling in annual combinations where not hardy. When grown as a perennial, protection from midday sun and cold, drying winds will ensure the most vigor.

Creeping Zinnia, Narrowleaf Zinnia

Creeping Zinnia, Narrowleaf Zinnia (Zinnia angustifolia)

Brilliant color for hot, sunny locations. This zinnia’s spreading habit makes a great seasonal groundcover and it’s also ideal in containers with the bright flowers spilling over the edge of the planter. Blooms all summer long, right up to frost. Carefree and a great choice for…

Crossandra, Firecracker Flower

Crossandra, Firecracker Flower (Crossandra infundibuliformis)

This plant gets the name “Firecracker Flower” as a result of its seed pods. The pods dry and eventually “explode” releasing their seeds when exposed to high humidity or rain. A fantastic combination of vibrant flowers and glossy foliage that makes a colorful houseplant or…

Croton Outdoors

Croton Outdoors (Codiaeum variegatum)

Easy-to-grow Croton offers bold color on a grand scale. This is a gorgeous “designer-quality” plant prized for its foliage. Leaves are produced in random blends of red, green and gold shades. Crotons produce small clusters of tiny white flowers but the blooms aren't very…

Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia

Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia (Euphorbia milii)

An unusual combination of spiny stems and sparse foliage topped by small clusters of bright flowers adds an exotic touch to the landscape. Incredibly heat, drought and salt tolerant. Perfect for tough spots where other plants might fail. Easy to grow as a potted plant indoors in cold…

Cucumberleaf Sunflower, Beach Sunflower

Cucumberleaf Sunflower, Beach Sunflower (Helianthus debilis)

This is a plant found naturally along beaches and dune areas, but it will grow just as well in any garden. It’s a tough plant tolerant to any type of soil, drought conditions and salts from sea spray. The vibrant yellow flowers are very attractive to butterflies.