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Mint 'Julep' (Mentha spicata)

'Julep' is named after the famous beverage that is made with Kentucky bourbon. The leaves have a sweeter flavor than other varieties and is one of the best for adding flavor to teas, fruit drinks, cocktails and desserts. The plant is quite vigorous and it is best to plant it in pots…


Mint 'Margarita' (Mentha Hybrid)

This gourmet mint is a must-have for the herb garden! The lime-flavored leaves are the perfect addition to any own homemade margarita. Try adding fresh sprigs to mixed drinks or using as a garnish on the dinner plate. The plant is less invasive than other mints, as it does not spread…


Mint (Mentha cordifolia)

This mint’s unique leaf texture and fragrant foliage bring an extra dimension to the garden. The rich green, crinkled foliage has a delicious spearmint scent. Produces lavender flowers in the summer that will entice bees and butterflies into the garden. A great addition to the herb…


Mint (Mentha species)

Mints are a mainstay of any herb garden. The foliage adds fragrance to the garden, and the leaves are a wonderful seasoning for cooking or flavoring beverages. Many mint species have beautiful textured or variegated foliage and are very ornamental in the landscape. Perfect to use in…


Mint 'Moroccan' (Mentha spicata cv)

The sublime fragrance of this mint will stop passersby in their tracks! Its serrated leaves have a fine spearmint scent and flavor and can be used to enhance the taste of a variety of meat dishes, mixed drinks and desserts. It is best to grow this vigorous plant in containers on the…


Mint 'Spanish' (Mentha spicata)

Attract an assortment of bees and butterflies to your garden with this highly aromatic mint! Try adding a few of the strongly spearmint-flavored leaves to iced tea or lemonade. Fresh-cut sprigs make a lovely garnish on the dinner plate. This plant looks quite nice when planted in a…


Mint 'Swiss' (Mentha x piperita)

The leaves of this low-maintenance selection have a light peppermint flavor, and extracts are popular for flavoring herbal candy. Try adding fresh leaves to teas, iced drinks, fruit salads and tomato dishes. Dried leaves are a nice addition to homemade potpourris. This mint makes a…


Mint Yerba Buena (Mentha spicata)

Yerba buena refers to several herbs; mostly members of the mint family. These herbs have similar flavors and can all be used in the same way. Yerba Buena is especially prized for use in teas, mojitos, and other beverages. Also known as hierba buena. Plants are quite vigorous and may…

Mojito Mint

Mojito Mint (Mentha x villosa)

This easy-to-grow Cuban mint is regarded for the less pungent and sweet flavor of its leaves, and is an essential ingredient of the mojito cocktail. The leaves can also be used to flavor lamb dishes and brew herbal tea. Fresh-cut sprigs make a nice garnish on the dinner plate. It is…

Orange Mint

Orange Mint citrata (Mentha x piperita)

Orange Mint is a hardy perennial herb with dark green glossy leaves marked with a purple edge and underside. Lilac-pink blooms in summer add to its appeal.