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Marjoram 'Za'atar' (Origanum syriaca)

The leaves of this aromatic herb are an important ingredient of za'ater, a condiment popular throughout the Middle East. The leaves lend a delightful combination of thyme and oregano flavors to a variety of Mediterranean cuisine. Try mixing some fresh chopped leaves with chopped…


Oregano 'Dittany of Crete' (Origanum dictamnus)

Shrubby, mound-forming evergreen. Aromatic, woolly silver foliage is carried on arching stems. Tiny pink flowers in mid-to-late summer are an added bonus.


Oregano 'Greek Mountain' (Origanum heracleoticum)

Greek Oregano is said to have come to us as a symbol of happiness from the Goddess Aphrodite, hence given the name "óros gános" (joy-of-the-mountain). It has been used to celebrate marriage and death in the Mediterranean for centuries. The intense peppery-flavored leaves of 'Greek…


Oregano 'Hot & Spicy' (Origanum vulgare)

This is one spicy Oregano! The sprawling plant produces strongly flavored leaves that can be used to add an unforgettable taste to salsa and chili. Makes a nice aromatic edging plant. Plant in pots and place on the patio or bring indoors so its leaves are readily accessible for…


Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

Valued in the kitchen for its peppery flavored, aromatic foliage. This bushy perennial herb forms upright to spreading mounds. Masses of small pink flowers in midsummer.


Oregano 'Santa Cruz' (Origanum vulgare)

'Santa Cruz' is a beautiful ornamental Oregano that makes an outstanding groundcover for hot, dry locations. This vigorous spreading plant tumbles beautifully over rocks and slopes, and is lovely at the front of borders or along walkways. Plants look great spilling over container…


Oregano 'Variegatum' (Origanum vulgare)

The same flavorful plant as standard Oregano, just a more ornamental selection! This delightful selection forms a tight mat of gold-tipped foliage and makes a very nice aromatic groundcover. The foliage is also lovely spilling over the edge of containers and hanging baskets. Snip…


Oregano 'Zorba' (Origanum vulgare)

Attractive white flowers with red-purple bracts on compact, low spreading plants should catapult ‘Red Zorba’ Oregano to a more prominent location at the front of a border. And ‘Zorba White’, with its sprays of white flowers with light green bracts, makes this herb a welcomed…

Ornamental Oregano

Ornamental Oregano 'Kent Beauty' (Origanum rotundifolium)

Semi-evergreen, low-growing plant. Wonderfully fragrant foliage and unique, drooping pink flowers provide a treat for the senses. Attracts bees to the garden.

Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

Highly aromatic and versatile herb; useful as a seasoning in cooking, as well as for its fragrance in potpourris and sachets. The soft, gray-green foliage provides a gentle color contrast in the garden or mixed container plantings.