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Lemon 'Eureka' (Citrus limon)

Not all lemon cultivars taste alike; consequently it is a good idea to know which variety will best suite your taste preference. The 'Eureka' fruits have a classic sour Lemon flavor and less seeds compared to other varieties. Lemon fruits contain high levels of vitamin C. This…


Lemon 'Improved Meyer' (Citrus limon)

Enjoy glossy leaves, fragrant white blooms and tasty lemons from the comfort of your home. Disease-free plants provide abundant fruit that are rounder, thinner-skinned and more orange in color than other varieties. Slice and squeeze for fresh lemonade or use a microplane to add…


Lemon 'Lisbon' (Citrus limon)

This Portuguese native found its way into the U.S. via Australia in the mid-1800’s and it has remained one of the most popular and reliable lemon selections available ever since. It displays more heat, cold, and wind tolerance than other varieties. ‘Lisbon’ is just as…


Lemon 'Variegated Pink' (Citrus limon)

An outstanding dwarf lemon variety that not only produces delicious fruits, but it’s a beautiful ornamental tree as well. The new foliage emerges with a pink tint. As the leaves mature they turn green with white variegation. The lemon skins are a colorful blend of yellow and green…


Lime 'Bearss' (Citrus aurantifolia)

Seedless (or nearly seedless) fruit are produced on this citrus tree developed by John T. Bearss in Porterville, California around 1895. It is also known as Bearss Seedless, Tahitian or Persian Lime. The spreading branches of ‘Bearss’ are nearly thornless with dense, dark green…

Lime, Kaffir lime, Thai Lime, Porcupine Orange

Lime, Kaffir lime, Thai Lime, Porcupine Orange 'Kieffer' (Citrus hystrix)

A small tree, with a rather bushy, spreading habit typically grown as a shrub. ‘Keiffer Lime’ can also be a wonderful choice for adding a tropical feel to a patio or sunroom as a container plant. Highly sought after for its aromatic leaves which are commonly used in Thai recipes…

Lime, Mexican Lime

Lime, Mexican Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)

This is the source of limes popularly called "Bartender's limes", "West Indian lime" or "Key lime". The dense glossy foliage and fragrant blooms are an attractive addition to the landscape and create a relaxing tropical feel. The small, shrubby habit is ideal for small space gardens.

Lime, Mexican Thornless

Lime, Mexican Thornless 'Thornless Key' (Citrus aurantifolia)

With a somewhat upright and bushy growth habit, ‘Thornless Key’ holds all the same attributes as its kin, the Mexican Lime but without those aggravating thorns. Glossy foliage and fragrant blooms are a striking addition to the landscape and add a relaxed tropical feel. The small…

Mandarin, Chinese Honey Orange, Tangerine

Mandarin, Chinese Honey Orange, Tangerine 'Ponkan' (Citrus reticulata)

The ‘Ponkan’ Tangerine is one of the oldest mandarin tangerines and remains one of the most popular varieties for the many attributes it brings to the landscape. Just for starters, when this citrus tree sets its blooms it attracts the North American Giant Swallowtail butterfly…

Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Orange 'Algerian Clementine' (Citrus reticulata)

This delightful selection was originally from Algeria, and was introduced to the United States in 1909. The easy-to-peel fruit is noted for its ability to hang on trees for months. Mandarin trees are smaller than standard orange trees and are ideal for landscapes with a limited…