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Abyssinian Lovegrass, Teff Grass

Abyssinian Lovegrass, Teff Grass (Eragrostis abyssinica)

Eragrostis is an important crop plant in its native range in Ethiopia (historically known as Abyssinia). It has found its way into ornamental use as a result of its beautiful texture, good drought tolerance, and general freedom from pest or diseases. Dense foliage is excellent for…

Afghan Pine

Afghan Pine (Pinus eldarica)

This plant is originally from southern Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which means it's well-adapted for growing in desert conditions and near the Pacific coast. Afghan Pine is a durable selection that can thrive in hot, dry locations and requires very little maintenance once it's…

African Bush Daisy

African Bush Daisy (Euryops chrysanthemoides)

This South African native is the perfect choice for hot, dry locations everywhere. This is a fast grower, with a dense, shrubby habit and an abundance of bright daisy flowers over a long season. Grown as a perennial in frost-free climates.

African Lily

African Lily (Agapanthus Hybrid)

Native to South Africa, Agapanthus bring eye-catching, architectural style to the garden. Clumps of glossy, grass-like foliage provide the backdrop for striking bloom clusters perched atop sturdy stems.

African Marigold

African Marigold (Tagetes erecta)

African Marigolds sport large blooms and sunny bright colors. Their texture is the perfect compliment to broad leaf and trailing companion plants. Removing spent blooms will assure the most prolific flowering.

African Sumac

African Sumac (Rhus lancea)

This South African native is a beautiful selection for hot, dry locations. The gray-green foliage offers soft, large-scale color and the dense, compact habit provides excellent shade.

Agave, Century Plant, American Aloe

Agave, Century Plant, American Aloe (Agave americana)

Incredible drama for hot, dry locations! Agave's dense rosette of succulent foliage always looks good under harsh conditions. The long leaves are edged with sharp spines so take care to put in a location away from people and pet traffic.

Agave is native to Mexico and has a long…

Ajuga, Carpet Bugleweed

Ajuga, Carpet Bugleweed 'Black Scallop' (Ajuga reptans)

Vigorous selection with evergreen, wine-red tinted leaves. Slender spikes of blue, bugle-shaped flowers bloom in early summer. Ajuga is a quick-spreading groundcover suited to sunny or shady gardens. A very versatile filler for problem spots in the garden.

Albizia, Mimosa, Silk Tree

Albizia, Mimosa, Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin)

Fern-like foliage and feathery blooms are an attractive combination offered by this tropical beauty. Fast growth makes Albizia an excellent choice for shade or for quickly filling gaps in the landscape. May be overwintered inside where not hardy.

Alocasia,  Elephant's Ear

Alocasia, Elephant's Ear (Alocasia species)

Easy-care plants add a tropical touch to the landscape. Worth growing for beautiful foliage alone. Boldly accents other selections. These unique plants are sure to attract attention!

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