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Foxberry, Lingonberry, Cowberry

Foxberry, Lingonberry, Cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

Plants provide high yields of tasty fruit.

Fox Grape

Fox Grape 'Catawba' (Vitis labrusca)

Unquestionably a beautiful addition to the garden landscape, ‘Catawba’ grapes are also well known as one of the leading cultivars for American wine and juice. Although the exact origin and parentage of the Catawba grape are uncertain, it’s speculated that the crossing of the…

Fox Grape

Fox Grape 'Concord' (Vitis labrusca)

Named for the town in Massachusetts in which it originated, the Concord grape vine is one of the oldest cultivated American grape varieties. This steadfast and vigorous grower is a preferred choice for home gardeners. Although Concord grapes are grown primarily for fruit production…

Fox Grape

Fox Grape 'Fredonia' (Vitis labrusca)

An outstanding all-purpose variety with large, juicy fruits. The mature grapes are similar in appearance to ‘Concord’, turning nearly black in color when fully ripe. Look forward to sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness. A superb variety for colder climates with short growing…

Fox Grape

Fox Grape 'Himrod' (Vitis labrusca)

Large, loose clusters of seedless, golden yellow fruits with tender skin. This is an American hybrid, well-suited to Northern climates. Flowers are self-pollinating and produce fruit in late summer.

Fox Grape

Fox Grape 'Niagara' (Vitis labrusca)

The most popular white variety! Hardy, vigorous vines are highly productive. Forms large, tight clusters of huge, thick-skinned, green-white grapes. Self-fruitful variety.

Fox Grape

Fox Grape ‘Vanessa’ (Vitis labrusca)

Vigorous vine known for producing generous sized clusters of medium sized, seedless, red grapes with a crisp fruit texture. Although this is a Canadian introduction, plants may require winter protection in areas with severe winters.


Grape 'Beta' (Vitis hybrid)

One of the most winter-hardy grapes available. This North American native produces dense clusters of small, deep blue-black grapes with seeds. This variety is self-pollinating, very vigorous and easy to grow, and an attractive ornamental plant even when not producing fruit. Grapes…


Grape 'Bluebell' (Vitis hybrid)

An exceptionally cold-hardy, disease-variety introduced by the University of Minnesota. Produces clusters of medium to large, blue-black grapes with tender skins. This versatile grape is useful for juice, jams, jellies and wine-making.


Grape 'Canadice' (Vitis hybrid)

Exceptionally cold hardy and versatile variety. Produces dense, compact clusters of medium-sized red seedless grapes early in the season. The grapes have tender skins and a pleasant spicy, tangy flavor.