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Viburnum, Arrowwood

Viburnum, Arrowwood Autumn Jazz® (Viburnum dentatum)

Viburnums, an unfaltering specimen of any good shrub border and also equally key plants for generating a good bird habitat. Autumn Jazz® with its graceful vase-shaped habit, bears beautiful white flowers in spring, provides a canopy that shelters the nests of smaller songbirds and…

Viburnum, Arrowwood

Viburnum, Arrowwood Blue Muffin® (Viburnum dentatum 'Christom')

A rugged selection with multi-season appeal. Shrub forms a compact, rounded mound of deeply-veined leaves with serrated edges. Flat clusters of creamy-white flowers in spring are followed by bright blue berries in late summer. The decorative berries are not edible, but production…

Viburnum, Arrowwood

Viburnum, Arrowwood Chicago Lustre® (Viburnum dentatum)

Dense, rounded shrub with arching branches of dark green leaves. Clusters of creamy white flowers appear in late spring. The blooms are followed by decorative blue-black fruit. Good autumn color.